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  1. BG Newsletter #4

    BG Member Of The Week: Adajer

    Q. How long have you been a part of BG?
    A. Nov 2006. Joined because it was best forum for FFXI I could find. Lurked until about 2012.

    Q. What is your favorite video game and why is it your favorite?
    A. I dont have a definitive favorite single game. I really love the Suikoden series. FFXI was awesome, really want to play

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  2. Destiny Review

    It’s hard for me to adequately describe my excitement for Bungie’s Destiny. I could say that there are few games that I have been as excited for as I have been for Destiny. Or I could say that Destiny is the game that I have been waiting for since I quit playing FFXI. Or I could link you to my mentions of Destiny in earlier blog posts or to a handful of the myriad of posts I have made in its thread in the gaming section. ...
  3. BG Newsletter #3

    Tokyo Game Show 2014 Edition

    We interrupt your newsletter to talk about what happened at TGS last week. Now this is just the briefest of brief glimpses at the things we are hype about on BG!

    To get this started... FFXV trailer!

    http://www.bluegartr.com/threads/102...S?goto=newpost ...

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  4. BG Newsletter #2

    Our second week of this newsletter and I am very excited to bring you guys the latest news for this week! I'm going to test new ideas slowly and see how they go over with everyone. If I don't think that people are enjoying the new additions I'll swap them with new ones. Additionally if I feel like they are big hits of course they can stay. Don't worry. If your idea is not immediately used this ...
  5. BG Newsletter #1

    Hello BGers! This is a new weekly newsletter for your BG. So what's in store for our newsletter?

    - Getting to know a BG member.
    This person will be randomly selected based on activity. So if you're around a lot, you will be in the pool to be selected!
    - Game releases along with your favorite game news poster's opinion, 6souls.
    I can't keep up with all the ...

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