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  1. BG Stats for June 2014

  2. Special Report: E3 2014

    Around this time last year, gamers were still scrutinizing the wealth of information provided about the Next-Gen consoles at E3 2013. Well here were are a year later and Next-Gen is now the current generation. However, the introduction of new consoles is often plagued by the same problem – namely a scarcity of new games to compel gamers to rush out to pick up the new consoles. While these new consoles ...
  3. BG Stats for May 2014

    Some of May RIT


    Updated 2014-06-01 at 02:15 by Ragns

  4. Batman: Arkham Origins Review

    If you’re like me, the recent influx of content from the Batman franchise has rekindled that ever-present childhood desire to put on a cape and cowl to fight the growing criminal element in my current city of residence (the lack of skyscrapers to perch from be damned!). Of course, actually acting on said desires is the kind of thing that gets you locked up and forgotten about, and I have things to ...
  5. BG Stats for April 2014

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