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  1. BG Newsletter #14

    So I'm pretty sure you're all noticing the green names floating around on the forums. Some of them used to be mod blue but now they are like well... like mine. Say hello to your BG Content staff! We're mostly focused on driving content on the forums. The newsletter, blogs, or maybe just threads to generate discussion or interest.

    BG Member Of The Week: Fievel

  2. Who We Are

    This post is dedicated to a special Twitter friend.

    My brother is not a geek or a nerd. He's a lawyer. He works over 8 hours every day and barely has time to chat via social networks, much less to play anything. He's always stressed but makes good money. His idea of fun is going out with his friends, watching sports and partying. You could say he's successful - the complete opposite of me. The night of his wedding he entered the church and walked to the front while the overhead chorus ...
  3. BlueGartring for the first time!

    And here I was, thinking Blue Gartr was just a Free Company (a.k.a. a guild) in Final Fantasy XIV!

    Hello! I go by the handle Sagacyte on gaming and social networks and have a small little blog about video games at sagacyte.wordpress.com. I was kindly approached the other day by Sonomaa about a blog post I had written about Square Enix and its fascination with ports, and he offered to re-post my articles here or giving me chance to do it myself - I chose the second option. And here ...
  4. BG Newsletter #13

    BG Member Of The Week: Lyall

    Q. How long have you been a part of BG?
    A. I have officially been a member since January of 2011, but I've been lurking here since before the Great Salvage Ban of '09.

    Q. What is your favorite video game and why is it your favorite?
    A. I'm definitely a "never forget your first" kind of person, so my favorite game
  5. Super Smash Bros for Wii U Review

    Have you ever wondered which of your favorite characters would win in a fight? Of course you have! In 1999, Nintendo set out to answer this question -- at least amongst their own characters. The Super Smash Brothers franchise pits Nintendo’s best (and some third-party characters) in battles against each other. Super Smash Bros for Wii U, also known as Smash 4, is the latest entry in the franchise. ...
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