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  1. Carpe Noctem LS (Shiva Server) Porting to XIV
  2. Seraphim (The Burning Ones)
  3. Tribe - Looking for Active Players, Good People!
  4. The Star Onions
  5. Nakama - Morning/Oceanic Active
  6. Currahee - NA/EU - Endgame Progression Focus
  7. Potentially creating a LS or joining a high end one.
  8. Northern Kings are recruiting
  9. Lux Nocturna is looking for members
  10. Cupitores Veritatis (Siren server heritage)
  11. "Something Witty" looking for members for endgame
  12. [Hyperion] Impact Gaming Community - Free Company and Social Linkshell
  13. CL (Ragnarok) - looking for old friends or potential new members
  14. Luna Veneris - Now Recruiting
  15. Zero Hour - NA/EU Social Company/Linkshell
  16. Children of Jenova
  17. Fate
  18. [FIGARO] Aureus Knights Recruiting for FFXIV!
  19. Equinox - Premier Hardcore Linkshell (Also seeking crafters)
  20. Black Flag Legion NEEDS YOU!
  21. IRON
  22. Jecht Server LS looking for BG members to Roll with!
  23. ApeX Recruiting
  24. [Emperor]Musketeers Social!
  26. Blacklisted Endgame
  27. Mythos Linkshell Recruitment
  28. PREMONITION Gaming (Event Horizon LS from Bismarck) recruiting for FFXIV
  29. Unrepentant Gaming Community
  30. Holy War - Open Recruitment!
  31. Hello looking for old friends
  32. Conviction Recruiting - Trabia Server
  33. {Figaro} EST/CST *Draconian Collective*
  34. Will Work for Catnip!
  35. Schlomo LF Linkshell
  36. Looking for possible end-game LS
  37. Wutai Server Social Shell - Hi2u. (Grinadia)
  38. Triple Spark - Recruiting for endgame oriented WEST COAST! Excalibur
  39. [Mumph] Hardcore Gamer LF EST LS
  40. Dreadnought LS/Company
  41. Looking for EU LS!
  42. Ecko/Machas LF linkshell
  43. Legacy of Istory Recruiting!
  44. LF Shiva people
  45. I was told there were bewbs here...
  46. Attention Midgardsormr Veterans (Kahsuan)
  47. Anyone from Extreme LS Shiva playing 14?
  48. Veritas Linkshell - Looking for Members!
  49. Bloodsworn - Recruiting Progression Minded Players (Trabia Server)
  50. Looking for LS
  51. [Lindblum] Hot Chocolate Corps: Hardcore Friendship Experience
  52. Bg server
  53. Anyone from affinity LS on Diabolos?
  54. Looking for serious LS
  55. The Fallen Angels (Originally from Laskhmi)
  56. [Kashuan] Looking for a social LS with active people during Euro times.
  57. Looking :)
  58. {Figaro} EST/CST *Eorzea Corps*
  59. Kupo de Grace(Trabia) Casual/Endgame
  60. [Palamecia] Anyone got a Guild?
  61. Honor - Looking for members!
  62. [Kashuan] Looking for a crafting LS
  63. Descendants of Vanadiel (Rabanastre)
  64. [Selbina] Looking for a mature, active linkshell
  65. Vendetta - Palamecia: recruitment
  66. (Istory) Looking for social shell
  67. [Melmond] Looking for experienced all around LS
  68. [Melmond]Looking for a rounded linkshell
  69. [Rabanastre] Jun Gokku
  70. [Wutai] Looking for crafting-ish shell or at least a shell with other crafters
  71. Finnish Suomalainen Linkshell
  72. [Gysahl] Summit
  73. [Rabanastre] Blue Line
  74. Schlachtenassler on Figaro
  75. LF a UK based LS
  76. [Rabanastre] Looking for serious Linkshell
  77. Zanes application!
  78. [Mysidia] Wanderlust
  79. [Kashuan] social/crafting/fun times LS
  80. Palamecia LS
  81. [Gysahl] Oceanic Casual + Endgame LS!
  82. Linkshell Moonglow - Bodhum server recruiting
  83. Wutai: Looking for serious linkshell!
  84. [Palamecia] Buttons looking for a friendly shell.
  85. The Wild Onions [Saronia]
  86. XI to XIV LS compalation, where?
  87. Former Gilgamesh or Phoenix players?
  88. [Wutai] Epic Production Now Recruiting! (Crafting/Social linkshell)
  89. {Figaro} EST/CST <>Shi Ryu<>
  90. [Selbina] Onion Knights
  91. [Palamecia] LF1M, For Leves, grinding and general FFXIV play
  92. [Mysidia] Ticket Master, looking for serious LS
  93. [Lindblum] Booty Brown, need a linkshell
  94. [Palamecia] Darkspawn looking for a social, crafters ls
  95. [Cornelia] Hellfire Club - Social Linkshell
  96. [Saronia] Solace GMT based linkshell
  97. [Figaro] LivingLegends Recruiting
  98. [Figaro] Weaver looking for Crafting LS
  99. [Melmond] Gold Saucer Linkshell - Social/Eventual End-game
  100. [Trabia] Looking for Linkshell
  101. [Wutai]-Grinding party 31-35 do you need it?
  102. [Palamecia] Looking for Linkshell
  103. [Mysidia] Happy Ending LS Gamers welcome!
  104. [Rabanastre] - Cloudy Company Recruiting
  105. [Palamecia] Crit Fail Evolution - Crafting Group
  106. Looking for Lindblum LS
  107. DREADNOUGHT LS - Saronia
  108. [Gysahl] Looking for Player for Skill/Level up PTs in EU Time zone
  109. Ascendant Sky - Celestial Sky - Fenrir/Hades - Wutai
  110. [Figaro] MRD/ARM Looking for Semi-Casual LS
  111. BG of Rabanastre looking for members.
  112. level 40 Thaumaturge lf an active 35+ ls on Trabia
  113. [Figaro] Social / Active LS
  114. Istory-BPR- Looking to create a collective
  115. Prismatic Llama - Istory
  116. Legacy Linkshell is Recruiting (Istory)
  117. [Figaro] Looking for an LS to Skill Up
  118. Active (Karnak) Linkshell
  119. [Figaro] Looking for active LS/ Eventually Endgame
  120. Kupo. Kashuan world!
  121. VALOR linkshell, open recruitment - Saronia
  122. [Melmond] Looking for Active Linkshell
  123. Looking for shell on Karnak
  124. [Lindblum] 33+LNC/MNR/BSM LF LS for 5star leves/Behestness
  125. [Kashuan] Genjutsu Linkshell, looking for EU(GMT) members
  126. [Istory] Group LF Active LS/Future Endgame
  127. [Palamecia] Zero Hour Social/Event LS (NA/EU)
  128. [Lindblum] Phantom Hearts - An EU Linkshell.
  129. [Lindblum server] Save Point linkshell - looking for members
  130. New to XIV, on Lindblum. Looking for l/s.
  131. [Melmon] Fatty McGee
  132. [Saronia] Astral Descent
  133. [Selbina] Momentum LS, Looking for NA/EU players that can play EST/PST
  134. [Mysidia] Moogle Knights!
  135. [Trabia] Need LS
  136. [Figaro] Magitek Legends Recruiting
  137. Trabia - Looking for Casual or Semi-Hardcore LS
  138. Battle Regimens and Notorious Monsters (w/ video)
  139. Complete listing of BODHUM linkshells
  140. [Selbina] New player LF a linkshell!
  141. Social / General 'Shell on Rabanastre
  142. [Lindblum] Beacon - recruiting
  143. [Figaro] Phoenix Order, casual endgame recruitment
  144. [Rabanastre] Long standing LS recruiting
  145. Prismatic Llama Istory HNM LS Recruiting - 40+ (with videos!)
  146. [Rabanastre] Hokuten Dynasty (recruiting)
  147. Application: Ground Zero
  148. [Palamecia] Looking for Social/Casual Event LS ^^ (2 people)
  149. (Istory) GaiaLegends
  150. [Trabia] LF Casual LS
  151. [Selbina] Any UK/EU Timezone Linkshells out there?
  152. HighWind Linkshell Recruiting on Trabia Server
  153. [Figaro] Phantom Elite
  154. [Kashuan] Paradise Oblivion Looking for Quality Members
  155. [Saronia] SYZYGY
  156. [Mysidia] Aesir Recruiting Open!
  157. Acute Force - Static pt/shell
  158. [Rabanaste] Shinra
  159. [Karnak] Rejects - An EU linkshell
  160. [Melmond] LF EU Endgame Linkshell
  161. [Mysidia] Moogle Knights
  162. [RABANASTRE] Mako Linkshell Recruiting
  163. looking for social shell, any server.
  164. [Palamecia] It's on.
  165. Figaro, looking for a shell.
  166. [Saronia] Looking for social LS
  167. [Melmond] looking for a social linkshell
  168. Looking for LS on Lindblum
  169. Looking for LS on Figaro
  170. Looking for BG LS Palamecia
  171. New Linkshell Looking For People To Skill With And Explore With (The Highest Lords)
  172. [Mysidia] The Footclan
  173. Figaro- Looking for Linkshell
  174. [Cornelia] Looking for LS
  175. [Saronia] looking for shell (Mola Mola)
  176. [Kashuan] Looking for LS
  177. Full Metal Taru LS recruiting on Rabanastre
  178. Sacred Dawn of Mysidia
  179. [Kashuan] Whisper of Abaddon
  180. Solitude LS - Lindblum Server Recruting
  181. [Saronia] Carolus Fune Looking for Crafting LS
  182. Aesir -=- LFM -=- Mysidia
  183. [Besaid] - Lemmings, a Lalafell-only linkshell is now recruiting!
  184. Joining ffxiv help
  185. [Figaro] Magitek Legends ~ Recruiting
  186. (Fabul) The Highest Lords Linkshell Recruiting any rank!
  187. Looking for linkshell on [PALAMECIA]
  188. Looking for linkshell on [MELMOND]
  189. Full Metal Taru Endgame LS open for recruitment
  190. Looking for Shell: Lindblum
  191. Looking for a new LS
  192. Looking for a Shell : Rabanastre
  193. Looking for a shell: Trabia
  194. Looking for a Shell: Figaro
  195. Looking for a LS : Fabul ...also im hilarous.
  196. Looking for LS: Palamecia
  197. [Mysidia] Stormlight
  198. Empty Shadow [Endgame/Event] Linkshell LFM
  199. Looking for LS: Selbina
  200. looking for serious ls [Rabanastre]
  201. [Mysidia] Newbs
  202. Recruiting: Lindblum, endgame
  204. Looking for Linkshell [Selbina]
  205. LF Linkshell - Trabia
  206. Zantetsuken EndGame LS Selbina Server
  207. Looking for Linkshell: Lindblum
  208. [Palamecia] L/F Social/Quest/For Fun linkshellguildclanthing
  209. [Figaro] Looking for a endgame LS
  210. Primal Carnage Recruitment [Rabanastre]
  211. Ronin (event/endgame linkshell) Now Recruiting! [Saronia]
  212. [Figaro] Looking for EST-based end-game LS
  213. [Palamecia] Looking for EST-based LS
  214. Besaid Linkshell Recruiting
  215. =EpicLS= Recruiting! ~Fabul Server~ !!
  216. [Palamecia] Looking for linkshell
  217. (FIgaro) Looking for linkshell
  218. Looking for linkshell - Besaid.
  219. any Australian link shell in masamune?
  221. [ Figaro ] Looking for a shell
  222. [Saronia] Looking for casual and friendly Linkshell
  223. [Hyperion] Paradise Oblivion looking for skills to pay the bills
  224. [ Excalibur] Looking for LS
  225. [Aegis] Looking for LS
  226. [Hyperion] Rancor Now Recruting! - NA - EST/PDT Linkshell
  227. [Excalibur] Order of the Blue Garter: Open Recruitment Season Continues
  228. [Masamune] Against the Grain Linkshell open to new veteran recruits!
  229. [Masamune] Endgame LS Looking for a few members
  230. [Gungnir] Stormlight
  231. Looking for Linkshell
  232. end game ls please. durandal
  233. Do you want awesome?
  234. looking for raiding linkshell. 10pm cst to 7am cst.
  235. [Hyperion] Whisper of Abaddon (EU endgame LS)
  236. [Durandal] Looking for LS
  237. Looking for social shell, any server.
  238. Durandel - Looking for a social shell
  239. looking for shell Masamune server
  240. [Gungnir]Looking for LS
  241. Looking for LS [Durandal]
  242. Stronghold- New Linkshell Sargantanas Server
  243. Die Ende Linkshell Recruiting [Sargatanas]
  244. [Aegis] Looking for LS
  245. The Trenchcoat Brigade - LGBT & Allies Linkshell Recruiting [Ragnarok Server]
  246. looking for Linkshell (Hyperion)
  247. [Balmung] lolwut Looking for members!
  248. Just installed!
  249. Durandel - Casual Player LF Linkshell
  250. Looking for Progression Based LS on Ridill