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  25. Dzemael Darkhold - Batraal 1.18
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  27. Dynamic Signatures
  28. Bikini Darkhold run
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  30. Chocobo video.
  31. So... now that the game is starting to get good music
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  34. Post Pictures of your multiple Melded Gear
  35. Thaze's Live Stream Event!
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  37. Smart phone wallpaper, Twitter icons
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  45. Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn - "A New Beginning" in 720p and DD 5.1
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  47. Artbook
  48. Housing
  49. My former boss at Gamestop called me and told me to come pick this up...
  50. I want to make vidyas. Also I made a vidya.
  51. SweetFX
  52. Random Fail: your words are false
  53. Gotta go fast!
  54. Run Goobbue , Run!
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