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  1. Final Fantasy XIV (Rapture) - E3 Conference in OP (READ BEFORE COMMENTING) (E3 Discussion: pg39+)
  2. Final Fantasy XIV Discussion
  3. What will you do when XIV Arrives?
  4. [Speculation]Job Systems
  5. What will your goal be in FFXIV?
  6. FFXIV Offline
  7. Final Fantasy XIV @ gamescom 2009 (Updated)
  8. FFXIV Official Website Live
  9. FFXI Races in FFXIV pictures New
  10. FFXIV Confirmed - No leveling characters
  11. FFXIV Hardware Requirements
  12. How Final Fantasy XIV Works!
  13. FFXIV Jobs Revealed!
  14. FFXIV Image Compilation
  15. Final Fantasy XIV site updated.
  16. Planning linkshells before the game starts?
  17. Final Fantasy XIV Famitsu Giveaway!
  18. your PC, PS3, or both?
  19. Could this be Limsa Lominsa?
  20. FFXIV Airships
  21. ¡Especulación! Chocobos, perra.
  22. Final Fantasy XIV Music - Eorzea March
  23. Should FFXIV take some aspects from MMO(x)?
  24. FFXIV New Beastmen? Thoughts?
  25. Randomly Ridiculous FFXI to FFXIV
  26. Screenshot Speculation.
  27. FFXIV and Laptops
  28. FF XIV - NEWS (Summary from Gamescom) as of 8:15AM EST
  29. SE: Xbox Live Holding Up FFXIV on 360
  30. What kind of dude (or dudette) will you make?
  31. World Design - Awe Inspiring Moments
  32. Translator Needed!!
  33. New screenshots ff14. high res.
  34. Dengeki Uncovers New Info (8/29)
  35. Square-enix officially opens up TGS '09 website
  36. Dengeki (9/25) Interview Discussion
  37. FFXIV - Religion, Surnames and Nobuo Uematsu
  38. FFXIV TGS 2009 SEP 24 News
  39. TGS 2009 Trailer Analysis
  40. FFXIV new Beta info! (9/28 GW interview)
  41. New interview, a few new points.
  42. Follow-Up Answers from the interview with FFXIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka
  43. New FFXIV Scans 6 October 2009
  44. The Classless Class System
  45. Playstation Blog New Screens
  46. Aetheryte vs. crystal
  47. New Armoury System roles and screenshots
  48. FFXIV at Micromania, French Game Con
  49. Connect! On Magazine December 2009 Translation
  50. Article posting "The Core War"
  51. Distant Worlds 12/12/09, Chicago- FFXIV music preview.
  52. FFXIV "Campaign Code" for a Beta?
  53. XIV Site updated (Pugilist & Gladiator). [11/12/2009]
  54. Square Enix Creates online Currency: "Crysta"
  55. FFXIV's Survivability
  56. Core 2 Duo is enough for now, just not later.
  58. Leaked image: Campaign Code in FFXIII? Beta chance?!
  59. Beta applications are now up!
  60. SE Pres. hints at micro-transactions & item selling for XIV
  61. 3 new screenshots (possibly)ninja'd to EU site, 12/18/2009
  62. Character Creator News
  63. [23/12/09] Planner Yaeko Sato Details Final Fantasy XIV's Story
  64. Site updated 12/23/2009, many screenshots
  65. What race are you going to be, and why?
  66. So how many beta applications did you sign up for?
  67. Eorzea
  68. FFXIV ~ Piano Fan Arrangement
  69. Site Updated [01/04/2010] (False alarm)
  70. Minor Beastmen/Summoner Info/Dengenki Article
  71. is ffxiv goin to be as terribully as ffxi?
  72. Gear swapping 2.0? Speculation beyond class change gear swap?
  73. SE Support phone number
  74. MMORPG.com gives FFXIV "Most Anticipated MMO of 2010"
  75. FF13 (XIV)-promo beta code question
  76. Unigen Tropics benckmark Test/Results Thread
  77. Mod for FFXIV Section (mods picked)
  78. Dengeki Games Interview
  79. Salvage-RDM Question
  80. Random Speculation Thread
  81. Speculation about signups?
  82. FFXIV preorder @ amazon.com
  83. Why are you looking forward to FF14?
  84. FFXIV for Xbox360, Old news >.>?
  85. Tanaka P talks beta test in Famitsu
  86. Back to 2003, who was there ?
  87. FFXIII promo code for FFXIV
  88. FFXIV at Vanafest
  90. Live Vanafest Coverage Stream
  91. Beware of FFXIV Beta Key Scams/Sales
  92. Zyuu from FFXIVcore trying to sell beta codes?
  93. Is this site legit? says SE employee said this...
  94. Beta Registration Question
  95. Minor Update to www.finalfantasyxiv.com/
  96. FFXIV Closed Alpha/Beta Discussion (Cancelled for this week)
  97. XIV Special Beta Recruitment with ZAM
  98. FFXIV on 40GB PS3?
  99. Final Fantasy XIII "Special item"
  100. A lot of FFXIV News- Famitsu
  101. Class details, Beta info & Battle System Details! (Famitsu&Dengeki 3/25 issue)
  102. FFXIV Screenshots!
  103. NA site updated
  104. Now that the site's been updated, what job do you want to play most?
  105. Alpha System Requirements - Let the Upgrades Begin?
  106. The Roles of a Pugilist? [DISCUSSION]
  107. Nvidia Magazine Exclusive Article.
  108. Thread for people who plan to say "falafel" instead of "lalafell"
  109. [4/05/10] US and JP Sites Updated
  110. Where Does BG Stand on the NDA?
  111. NA Servers?
  112. SE NDA Requests: Images and Beta Experience is allowed, video and music is NOT. 8/11/10
  113. Good Benchmark test for FFXIV (Heaven 2.0)
  114. Map of Limsa Lominsa - by Ryo
  115. FFXIV RMT Funded - [April 1st, 2010]
  116. What is this I've read about beta names?
  117. How many people are looking forward to having a first and last name?
  118. Famitsu/Dengeki: Hands-on w/ α & Future β Plans
  119. JustinTV - Pookypoo
  120. FFXIV Wiki
  121. 12 Dieties Relationship Tree
  122. any chance of a 360 port?
  123. Has the recent info about XIV made you want to play XI again?
  124. Release date possibly?
  125. Confused about bazaar "Tax"
  126. New Classes Discovered
  127. Alpha/Beta Announcement thread. Next Alpha: ???
  128. FFXIV Random Speculation/Question thread II: Let's Speculate the Speculations
  129. Translation Needed: Famitsu FFXIV Blog Entries
  130. Skeptic's Q&A on AIM
  132. Changing classes made easy?
  133. FFXIV "When is it coming?" Thread
  134. FFXIV is 65% Complete
  135. The Stupid Names List
  136. Speculation on world travel
  137. ffxiv videos and screenshots
  138. People are forgetting what SE visions......
  139. BG seems to have a few.....
  140. Those shop and guild icons?
  141. Seeking FFXIV BG WIKI site administrator/main editor. Application period: ongoing
  142. Lalafell name generator
  143. COMING 2010 for PC and the PlayStation®3 system
  144. EU Beta invites
  145. Server names speculations
  146. So I was picked for the beta...
  147. Beta Acceptance Question.
  148. No sound for alpha test
  149. Weird Alpha/Beta Invite story
  150. Final Fantasy XIV at E3 2010
  151. New Beta Character Customization Video
  152. FFXIV Random Speculation/Question thread III: Where's my beta invite?
  153. i'm very concerned that FFXIV will be too easy
  154. Stereoscopic 3D & Multiple Monitors in FFXIV
  155. The "I'm coming back for Final Fantasy XIV" thread!
  156. PS3 Beta is broken?
  157. Hiromichi Tanaka at Japan Expo (July1~4)
  158. 1up: FF14 WILL NOT be on xbox 360
  159. the new battle system really better?
  160. Beta = Specific times?
  161. How old are you 2nd time around MMOFFing
  162. FINAL FANTASY XIV for PC Confirmed for 30th SEPTEMBER 2010 Release
  163. So what are you picking as your starting city?
  164. So PS3 only folks, any of you walking away?
  165. Buying FFXIV Abroad
  166. Release date pushback already?
  167. Regarding Characters and Retainers and charges
  168. Any info on Achievements/Trophies?
  169. FFXIV Mouse Cursor
  170. Question about how the game controls for Testers
  171. Beta Announcement Thread - Open Beta Starts - September 1st @ 7pm PDT/10pm EST
  172. Payment Methods
  173. Beta log in?
  174. FFXIV Random Speculation/Question thread IV: I got beta inv but my 5 year old PC can't run it
  175. Recipe List
  176. So I can pre-order FF14, but why?
  177. The CE may contain both the Helm and Goggles, afterall!
  178. FFXIV Random Speculation/Question thread V: No one told me beta would have problems in it
  179. Server Crafters
  180. Purpose of this forum.
  181. Hardware effects on 30FPS cap?
  182. Old beta server info
  183. Beta Tickets for Eorzeapedia
  184. FFXIV Random Speculation/Question thread VI: Phase 3, FFXIV is still on the rag!
  185. Getting Gear in Phase 3 Beta (without AH)
  186. Point Allotment, Good idea? Horrible idea? In final version?
  187. Can't run FFXIV beta client
  188. Wireless Xbox 360 controller for Windows issues.
  189. Beta Phase 3 / Open Beta FAQ
  190. Beta Site - Odd Issue
  191. Stress Test August 24th
  192. Graphics issue or client issue?
  193. Tanaka blames foreign sites for rumors + XP Discussion
  194. FFXIV Random Speculation/Question thread VII: Tanaka says "Stop speculating, you dirty speculators!"
  195. "Duplicating" suprlus argument
  196. FFXIV Otuya - Fatigue Explained
  197. ALRIGHT YEAH!!!!!
  198. [NSFW] Credible? Only eight hours of EXP per week for you, peasant!
  199. Komoto's Official Explanation of Surplus
  200. Does FFXIV suck?
  201. Version Update failed
  202. Open Beta client download
  203. Update's for Open Beta
  204. Lobby server down?
  205. FFXIV Languages
  206. Open beta starts Aug 31st
  207. Open Beta Installer
  208. Open Beta Started - Keys Currently Avaliable
  209. The real reason the PS3 version is delayed
  210. your favorite FFXIV music ?
  211. Unable to connect
  212. Moving My Documents Folder (FF Needs 12 GB)
  213. Who else has been spamming SE's beta site for the past 8hours?
  214. Official Servers Names (As of Sep. 1, 2010)
  215. Old beta server info2
  216. Have patch files, but FFXIVBoot.exe continues to try and re-download them help!
  217. Any Server-Region correlation yet?
  218. How can i read FFXIV .dat files?
  219. Error on patch installation
  220. Unable to detect DirectX Device Error
  221. Error Code 2: Failed to launch?
  222. "Answers" by Susan Calloway
  223. Please help out
  224. Error Code 30002 - Game server error?
  225. Always crashed when it gets to the Char selection screen
  226. Reducing draw distance besides the config options?
  227. FFXIVlogin.exe is missing?
  228. RPC Votes Besaid As Role Play Server
  229. Xbox controller shuts off
  230. Ps3 controller + FFXIV.
  231. Bypassing the client download
  233. Shimmering line that goes up and down on the screen with GeForce gtx 400.
  234. Suggestions on upgrading or replacing PC
  235. Any Way to get SLI to work with FFXIV?
  236. Client keeps crashing after d/c
  237. Just need a quick answer on my set-up.
  238. FFXIV and Wireless Keyboards
  239. Black Screen after SquareEnix Logo
  240. FFXIV Random Speculation/Question thread VIII: Alpha Was The Best Beta v2 -_-;
  241. Final fantasy XIV FPS issue help!
  242. Error Code
  243. Help with Alienware M17X - Buying a Laptop for FF14.
  244. Need help > No performance change with min/max settings
  245. 11000 Version update failed. 3:40026,19900,5
  246. Hardware Mouse Fix
  247. Game doesn't activate after pressing the play botton
  248. Logging in to Open Beta
  249. FFXVI not responding
  250. I dont deserve to be on beta, but i am....