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  1. Note about new forums 7/5 (Updated)
  2. Regarding lost emails/accounts
  3. How to recover your password/forum account (Update 8/20)
  4. Missing Skins?
  5. Forums upgraded to vB4
  6. Computer Crashing
  7. Viewing a single post
  8. New thread post screen
  9. Forum cutting off signatures again
  10. Fullscreen button on Youtube vids?
  11. Question about the "New Posts" section.
  12. Where did tabletop forum go? :(
  13. can't connect
  14. Security Token, Eh?
  15. Problems with spoiler tags and iOS devices
  16. FFXIV Char Info
  17. IFRAME at top edge of forums
  18. Multi-quoted posts being held over on later posts
  19. private messages
  20. Invalad File Type - BG Bucket
  21. Broked search
  22. Forum Splosion May 25
  23. BG Chat
  24. Browser issues?
  25. Forum Parsing Suggestions (Minor and Major)
  26. Suddenly getting subscribed-thread emails at midnight each night, but I don't know why
  27. Tapatalk
  28. Banner Avatar
  29. Avast warning
  30. Correct time setting?
  31. BG Blown Up On Home PC?
  32. Suggestion: BG Cloud?
  33. Tapatalk
  34. Wiki Link?
  35. Youtube links now showing on forums (firefox browser)
  36. Official BG Chat Thread
  37. BG showing up as a Reported Attack Site?
  38. Official BG Bucket Thread
  39. Automatic Link Parsing
  40. BlueGartr Forum skin problem in Chrome
  41. BG Wiki and chat down
  42. niconico embeds
  43. Adult ads? [Solved]
  44. Suggestion: embed tweets?
  45. Suggestion: Additional Emoticons
  46. Can we get rid of the snow?
  47. Report your BG outages here
  48. Problem with BG bucket and Firefox
  49. New layout
  50. Tapatalk Doing Something Wonky
  51. Bucket Spoilers
  52. BGBucket images uploaded as "undefined"
  53. Phone browsing
  54. Custom Search Forum URL?
  55. Custom date and time formats
  56. Spoiler and NSFW Tags
  57. Please can we have FFXIV server and name profile fields?
  58. Banned friends broken tables.
  59. Captcha Request when Posting Reply/New Thread?
  60. Tappy talks issue
  61. Tapatalk Image Hosting
  62. Can't link from BG Bucket to Facebook?
  63. Can we turn the BGSnow on?
  64. Swtched BG to use HTML5 instead of Flash for YouTube links
  65. City Name Sports Team - Defeating opposing teams since the year we were founded
  66. 'Make The Switch!' showing up instead of my old images
  67. BG Bucket suggestion
  68. Can we kill every sticky thread on this forum?
  69. Tapatalk won't connect
  70. What do you want on BG?
  71. Tapatalk or bg problem?
  72. BG Chat (Safari on a mac)
  73. French BG?
  74. BG logout Firefox
  75. Subbed threads?
  76. Notifications?
  77. BG Bucket is redirecting to the Forum Donations Thread
  78. Forum slow for anyone else today?
  79. XIV section is center justified
  80. New Android Ads trigger fake Virus warnings
  81. FFXIV Info not showing on profile
  82. September 2015 servers migration
  83. Official BG Forums Changelog
  84. Malwarebytes Warning after opening threads
  85. Problem with Tapatalk, BG or Tapatalk problem?
  86. Migrating BG to HTTPS
  87. Sponsored ads on tapatalk
  88. BG Bucket Image Orientation
  89. Changing thread titles?
  90. Loading the "go to post" arrows
  91. Inserting images into posts
  92. Server issues?
  93. [Request] New feature : Ignore threads (if possible)
  94. Section Searches searching the Entire Forum
  95. Tapatalk or BG Issue?
  96. Notifications: Unread threads
  97. "Go Advanced" takes awhile at times?
  98. Another Tapatalk issue only on BG
  99. Cloudflare vulnerability
  100. BG Bucket Broken?
  101. Error
  102. YouTube Comment section no longer appearing in New Post search
  103. Tapa + poopdeck
  104. Threads refuse to display latest page.
  105. Partial loading