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  1. What this section is for.
  2. Impact Gaming Community - A Multi-Game MMOG Community
  3. Music: True Apothecary
  4. AndBetter: Your source for Sodas, Nonsense, and Business Savvy
  5. Music: 'Journey' (after a few months of messing around in Ableton)
  6. Music: 'Cool bro' (finished right before Journey, different style)
  7. Progressive Groove Metal: Emissary
  8. You're a Wizard, Fat Guys!
  9. Bravura: Quest Rush - 2D Action RPG
  10. Music: Castielle (Progressive Rock)
  11. Music: Old-school video game remixes
  12. SW Florida Martial Arts Training
  13. Music: Final Fantasy XIV - The Path (Shuichi's Deep House Mix)
  14. Music: 32x96 - DJ [Electronic]
  15. Calcula's LVL UP! by Frederick L. Perry Jr.
  16. Kurokikaze's Youtube Videos
  17. Started a lets play of sorts
  18. Fiancee's book - The Anisiblis
  19. Advent Saga - Indie Tactical Card Game
  20. Writing a book, looking for feedback
  21. Writing a poetry collection, need some feedback
  22. Spelling RPG App for kids -- Looking for feedback
  23. Silliness of Sewing
  24. The Movie Schlubs (Podcast)
  25. Tactics Elemental- More Fred Perry stuff
  26. New FFXIV Column written by 10 year FFXI Vet.
  27. (iOS) Battleloot X - dungeon crawler RPG
  28. new music video
  29. BitCube: Innovative, Fun Programming and Design Education for Young Kids (Indiegogo)
  30. Space Game: A Game in Space
  31. Waterside - Signal noise
  32. Bill Nye documentary Kickstarter
  33. Dark and demented artwork? Not to me, but perhaps living with this inside my head alters my view...
  34. [Deep house] Waterside - Constructors
  35. A new bartering/trading community for FFXIV crafters/gatherers
  36. New Gaming Podcast and Website (Zerocast / Zeroto75.com)
  37. Lost Anju on MMORPGs (YouTube channel)
  38. brooklyn where you at!?
  39. Frogstep (remix of Qu's Marsh theme from FF9)
  40. [Steam Greenlight] Darwin's Demons
  41. I answer questions
  42. Need a new car? I'm working as a car broker. I can optimize the process and help save big money.