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  2. Duty Finder Griefer
  3. Scammer (Arch Magus / Arch Bishop) transferred to Behemoth
  4. Temper Tantrums Galore! Matt Jablonski, Leviathan!
  5. Sepheroth Cauis
  6. Cee Two [Hyperion] - Lil Asstr(old) Celfie Onrie(new name) [Balmung] Sold account.
  7. Valmar Aetheron, Cian Adhara
  8. [Hyperion] Ninja Looter Player List
  9. [Behemoth][Midgardsormr] Aishi Teru - Looted and scooted
  10. [Shiva] Hope Estheiim
  11. Benora Asura - Hyperion - Currently a Member of Moogle Apocolypse
  12. Advent Union botting members[Leviathan]
  13. Monkey D'luffy - Hyperion
  14. Ramza Lionheart now on Gilgamesh Magitaint FC
  15. FR FC "Les Ronins de Doma" and some of their members.