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  1. EU Shells
  2. [Ifrit] Sanriku - Looking for LS
  3. Bismark endgame LS - looking for members
  4. EU Linkshells
  5. [Shiva] Any NA Evening Dynamis Linkshells Recruiting?
  6. Looking for Server/LS [Demonseed] Leviathan
  7. (Looking for Linkshell / Server) Nyanoko [Leviathan]
  8. Bismarck Einherjar Shell looking for members
  9. Looking for Endgame Linkshell - Late Night PST
  10. Sylph Einherjar Shell looking for members
  11. Server indecision
  12. [Phoenix] Snowfall - Looking for a EU HNMLS
  13. [Cerberus] Tajin - (Found LS)
  14. Eromenos: Taru 75WHM 75BLM 75NIN Looking for Late night LS
  15. Server Suggestions Please
  16. [Bismarck] ManifestDestiny and MDynamis recruitment
  17. Looking for HNM LS
  18. Seeking sky/Dynamis LS
  19. The Seeking Forum and it's Rules.
  20. (Ramuh) MogHouse Recruitment
  21. NA French LS any server ?
  22. Dritero - 75 BLM BRD Looking for PST Endgame Linkshell
  23. Looking For a Change
  24. Distant Beliefs HNM Linkshell [Kujata] - Looking for Members
  25. Looking for a good server
  26. Looking for Members (EU End-game LS)
  27. Asura Salvage Shell PST late nights {Please invite me.}
  28. EU Socials?
  29. HNMLS looking for members
  30. PointyHats Looking for Members
  31. Lolalove
  32. Salvage on Alexander
  33. Seraph Endgame and Dynamis Linkshell looking for members
  34. New Diabolos late night (12 CST) mid-endgame LS recruiting
  35. (Fenrir) TooHigh Linkshell Recruiting
  36. [Fairy] Linkshell, Looking for Members
  37. EU/UK end-game linkshell any server!
  38. KangarooBeef Salvage on Seraph looking for members
  39. Looking for endgame LS - Cyndane (Valefor)
  40. [SilentNight Bismarck] Looking for members
  41. Server Population; Looking for a server with many EU players
  42. [Quetzalcoatl] Deleliah- seeking social ls
  43. [Fairy] Shiriokumo Looking for ls willing to cross-server
  44. Titan/carby server question
  45. Kayu -Looking Endgame/Hnm Ls on any server
  46. [Fairy]EndgameLS (Sanction) Looking For Members
  47. Looking for a ls
  48. Solarisknights L.S (Bismarck) Recruiting members
  49. [Bismarck] Apathy Linkshell Looking For Members!
  50. Any PST Endgame LS in Bismarck?
  51. [Bismarck] Mavens (End Game Shell) seeking dedicated players
  52. [Midgardsormr][EU]LS Ambition recruiting
  53. [Fairy]Mixiechild - Looking for LS on Odin
  54. [Pandemonium] Kara Endgame Linkshell Now Recruiting.
  55. [Asura]24/7 Endgame Linkshell Looking for Members
  56. Phoenix Einherjar Shell
  57. Cross Server or Not Trying to complete a Salvage SP on cerb
  58. [Seraph] Sky/Sea/NM Linkshell Looking for New Talent
  59. [Fairy] New GMT HNMLS "GrandFinale" looking for members
  60. [Bismarck] UltimaValor Endgame LS
  61. [Alexander] Serendipity is looking for members
  62. [Cerberus] DynamisAvengers looking for members
  63. LF Linkshell, Starting Fresh
  64. [Bismarck] Mononoke Linkshell
  65. [Leviathan] Ososabroso Endgame LS: Looking for members!
  66. [Cerberus] Looking for linkshell.
  67. [Ifrit] Gravityzero LS Recruiting 1PM Est/6PM Gmt Events
  68. [Ramuh] Insurrection is looking for a few.
  69. [Ifrit] Hildger - lfLS (willing to migrate)
  70. [Ifrit] Fhqwghads - Looking for LS
  71. [Cerberus] Salvage Group
  72. [Asura]Doghouse Endgame
  73. [Siren]TheMysticalOrder
  74. [Atma Weapon] -- EU endgame Sea, Salvage, Limbus
  75. (Leviathan) Cormac Looking for PST linkshell any server
  76. Ragnarok --- RainbowWarriors linkshell
  77. [Asura] Maverick LS Recruiting
  78. (Carbuncle) End game LS Recruiting
  79. [Bismarck]-NothingLS looking for members
  80. [Fairy] Linkshell, seeking WHM BLM SMN NIN
  81. Looking for PST-heavy servers
  82. [Hades] DeathHouse (Dynamis/Sky/Event) LS: OPEN
  83. Diabolo PST
  84. Looking for a EST Server
  85. Looking for a linkshell that regularly does Salvage in GMT
  86. [Phoenix] Midnight LS Looking for Members!
  87. Are there any EU shells out there that do HNM?
  88. [KUJATA] TheBlueCrew ~ Recruitment Open
  89. Looking To Possibly Return WAR/THF/KC DRK
  90. [Leviathan, willing to xfer]Kudosai - Loooking for LS
  91. Pandemonium Endgame Linkshell LFM.
  92. BloodySunday [Ramuh] Endgame Looking for Members
  93. [Ifrit] New "End Game" LS - Name to be determined
  94. [Quetzalcoatl]Legion Limbus LS - Looking for Members
  95. BRD looking for a Linkshell
  96. [Seraph] Equilibrium LS Looking for Members :)
  97. [Alexander] - Serendipity Looking for Members EU/EST shell
  98. tryin 2 start new endgameLS 7pm-12amEST server to be decided
  99. [Seraph]SenseOfTheAbsolute 24/7HNMLS Looking for members.
  100. [Siren] Looking for Einherjar group to join -EST/PST
  101. Cerberus Event Linkshells
  102. Ratatapa MNK 75 looking for good end game LS + server
  103. Well geared PLD, NIN, WAR. Maybe need a new home.
  104. AltTab Dynamis LS & Caturday Einherjar LS recruiting [Levi]
  105. Looking for a Sky/Dynamis Linkshell
  106. [Midgardsormr] Syzygy - small quality shell looking for more
  107. [Remora] TheSecretSociety Dynamis LS Recruiting
  108. [Cerberus]Electric Mayhem-Looking For Members
  110. Phoenix End Game shell, Looking for members. (ToAU + Sea)
  111. Looking for a [Bahmut] shell.
  112. NiN LS - Low man endgame shell
  113. [Cerberus] Rlax endgame event ls looking for members.
  114. New Sky / Dynamis shell looking for dedicated members {Titan Server}
  115. Downtime[Phoenix]
  116. [Cerberus] Alacrity LS - Looking for Members
  117. [Kujata] Dreamcore looking for members!
  118. [Valefor] Whisper of Abaddon
  119. [Alexander] Nova Dynamis Recruiting (Sat 12:30 EST, 5:30 GMT)
  120. [Kujata] Demo LS Looking for 2-3 members
  121. [Cerberus] WildestDream/YourFantasy open for applications
  122. HundredMillion ()Gil() ()Do you need it?()
  123. [Asura] Kenseii - Looking for LS [EU]
  124. Old School HNMLS back. (Ifrit)
  125. [Seraph] Dynamis Linkshell looking for members
  126. [Midgardsormr] Brainjacked Salvage/ZNM LS
  127. [Ramuh] Kaleidoscope
  128. [Kujata] Einherjar LS Can I have it?
  129. Remedy(Siren HNMLS Recruiting)
  130. Looking for Good Endgame LS on any server.
  131. Lakshmi - Vicious LS
  132. [Valefor] Unforgiven LS
  133. Maybe I want a linkshell...
  134. Linkshell, can I have it?
  135. New LS Odin server.
  136. Any Assault/Salvage/Einherjar/Limbus linkshells on Cerberus?
  137. New LS Bismark server [PureMassacre] ZNM/ENM/Salvage/Sea/Sky
  138. [Fenrir] Looking for an einherjar LS
  139. Looking for Pandemonium sea/dyna/limbus
  140. Looking for a server with alot of EU.
  141. Looking for EU Dynamis LS
  142. [Bismarck] MementoMori LS- LFM
  143. Looking for ( 8-10pm GMT ) based LS
  144. TheFallenAngel [Sylph] Endgame Linkshell Recruiting!!!
  145. Sky/Limbus/Dynamis Linkshell Do you need it? (seraph)
  146. [ODIN]JST Linkshell
  147. [Ramuh]MogHouse LS Looking For Members
  148. [Midgardsormr] Deep Sea - Sea only ls
  149. Building end game LS List Hades.
  150. Looking for info on Bahamut HNM shells
  151. Looking for server with players who play EST6am-10am / GMT10am-2pm /JP prime time
  152. Aftermath - Cerberus Endgame Linkshell
  153. [Kujata] SecretPolice Looking for a few endgame members
  154. [Siren] NibelungValesti- Looking for Members
  155. [Pandemonium]FarBeyonDriven LS looking for member
  156. Carbuncle LS Looking for Career WHM. APPLY WITHIN!
  157. Looking for EU/early NA endgame Linkshell
  158. Juggernaut Black - Bismarck
  159. New GMT/EU HNM/Endgame LS on Siren now recruiting!
  160. {Pandemonium} Materia!
  161. [Caitsith] Crumpletss (salvage ls) LFM
  162. 75 Nin,War,Blm in need of ls with events @10pm or later pst
  163. Alttab Leviathan Linkshell recruiting for the big Dynamis update
  164. [Phoenix]Dynamis Linkshell
  165. [Diabolos] Skylark
  166. [Ragnarok] LiquidMist - NA EST/CST based.
  167. [IFRIT] EU player looking for endgame LS
  168. [Bismark] Redo Dynamis Linkshell
  169. lookin for ls: any server
  170. Looking for an Einherjar LS!! [Ifrit]
  171. Looking for an EU Sky, Limbus and Dynamis LS on Rag
  172. Looking for Salvage / Sky in Lakshmi server
  173. Linkshell looking for dedicated, multiple 75, EU timed players [Shiva]
  174. IINoctemSanctorumII on Fairy
  175. Looking for Early/EU Endgame Linkshell [Any Server]
  176. [Remora] Genesis Linkshell Looking for members! Sky/Sea/Limbus/Dynamis/Einherjar/Salvage/Kings
  177. Radiance LS of Fairy
  178. [Seraph] Dynamis
  179. [Ragnarok] Theorem End-game.
  180. TeamKANICAN (Odin) taking applications.
  181. [Gaurda] SpartansLS
  182. [Ragnarok]ChocoboGordoLS
  183. [Ramuh]Empire- Recruiting
  184. [Unicorn] Akatsuki EU Endgame Event Shell
  185. [Shiva] Flailicious - EU HNM ls
  186. EU Dynamis Ls - Looking for members
  187. MenentoMori Endgame LS- Recruiting [Bismarck]
  188. [Kujata] Temerarious End Game Linkshell
  189. [ Siren ] Looking for members: LumeriaDynamis!!!
  190. [Bismarck]AlteredFate-Looking for Members
  191. [Odin] Unforgiven Linkshell Looking for Members
  192. [Bismarck] Salvage LS
  193. Ragnarok EU Endgame LS
  194. Looking for Endgame LS Any Server
  195. [Ragnarok] EternalXenon - Recruiting
  196. [Gilgamesh] Brisingamen Recruiting
  197. [Bismarck] NineInchNinjas (endgame/HNM)
  198. Madvillainy Endgame Ls Fenrir
  199. [Ramuh] Rhapsody - Endgame LS
  200. [Alexander] Nova - Dynamis Shell
  201. [Ramuh] Zerg looking for members
  202. MyobokuzanLS on Fairy
  203. Lakshmi - HNMLS - Vicious
  204. Serious Business - Dynamis - Ramuh
  205. [ Ifrit ] Phoenixdown is recruiting
  206. [Asura] Infusion Endgame LS looking for members
  207. Thrive HNMLS[Shiva Server]
  208. demols.com HNMLS [Kujata]
  209. [Odin] Mortisha looking for a Salvage LS
  210. [Kujata]SecretPolice HNMLS
  211. [Fenrir]Prestige
  212. [Siren] CloakAndDagger - Now Recruiting
  213. Looking for GMT/EU/early EST engame linkshell on any server.
  214. [Ragnarok]DeathTax Looking for selected jobs
  215. Pixies EU HNM LS of Ramuh is recruiting
  216. [Odin] HNM linkshell, Daedalus
  217. [Fenrir] Einherjar LS; Weregild; looking for members
  218. [Valefor] Cinikal
  219. [Bismarck] MoriMementosLS Endgame
  220. [ASURA] Everest Endgame LS looking for Members
  221. [Alexander] Serendipity
  222. [Asura] OblivionKnights Dynamis (EU)
  223. [ODIN] Aussie Linkshell, SolarisDream (Sky/Sea/Limbo/Other) Looking for Members {GMT+10 Timezone}
  224. [Seraph]sky/sea/limbus/endgame/dynamis
  225. [Leviathan]Demonforce looking for a LS
  226. Event Style End-Game
  227. WopaCompanyLS - Pandemonium
  228. Thrive[HNMLS] Linkshell looking for members
  229. QuoVadis [Salvage] [Odin]
  230. Hello Looking for GMT linkshell
  231. [Ragnarok] Hyshio
  232. [Asura] VenaSera LFM (Endgame)
  233. Asuran Sky/Sea/Limbus Linkshell looking for members
  234. SurvivorsofReality [Lakshmi] (Limbus Linkshell)
  235. (Hades) Crypticfaith Sky/Limbus
  236. [Siren]LegacyOfTheForce HNM + SKy Linkshell
  237. [Siren]Lite-Endgame Shell Seeks Members
  238. [Pheonix] Nifleheimr ~ Sky Linkshell
  239. FoReal LS, Bismarck - EU HNMLS Looking For Members
  240. New EULS Recruiting - Relic & Salvage Sponsorship
  241. Sadpanda Siren -- Looking for a few members
  242. Looking for a Salvage and Sky ls/group on Bismarck
  243. Assault Linkshell
  244. [Titan]QuidProQuo Endgame LS looking for members.
  245. |Shiva| Looking for a late-night Dynamis LS
  246. (Fenrir)Outlawz Endgame/HNM shell looking for new members
  247. [Bismarck] SoverignLegacy Sky/Salvage/ZNM
  248. [Quetzalcoatl] Salvage LS Recruiting Veterans
  249. [Asura]7/11 Endgame Recruiting
  250. [Fairy] Noted LS recruiting.