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  1. FFXIV: Standard Rules - Updated 2/12/16 - Read me!
  2. FFXIVAPP - FFXIV Parser
  3. FFXIV ARR Benchmark Scores: Now with Character Creation
  4. BG Linkshell for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Gilgamesh)
  5. Laptop reccomendations
  6. New Areas, Dungeons and Popup Text; All Minions/Mounts; FC Crests, Ishguard Datamine Thread
  7. Post Pictures of Your Benchmark Character
  8. The WoW Factor
  9. Information for P4/Head start/Release with LOTS OF ERRORS! becuz it's RATAPATA!
  10. 3D Textured Gilgamesh in ARR
  11. PSA: The Developers said you can receive the Collectors Edition items on Phase 4 characters...
  12. Beta Phase 4
  13. Dawn of the Final Day: The Download Thread
  14. Phase 4 impressions / discussion thread
  15. Fishing Compendium Thread
  16. FFXIV:ARR Random Question Thread XIII - IT HAS BEGUN!
  17. I didn't pay for the beta and all I got was this lousy 3102 (3102/90000 bitch thread)
  19. XIV downloader
  20. Duty Finder Facts
  21. Where can I find a download to all the action icons for ARR?
  22. Clicking stuff just doesnt want to work.
  23. Beta 4 Results
  24. Everyone with the currently in duty glitch gets extended extended beta!
  25. Bug with legacy characeter
  26. Recommended Progression.
  27. AMD Catalyst™ 13.10 Windows® Beta Driver
  28. Endgame Discussion and Speculation
  29. Redeeming pre-order code
  30. Efficient ways to level without city and story quests
  31. new Yoshida Interview in Gamescom
  32. New FFXIV official forums
  33. Black Mage / DD Mage Stat Focus
  34. Cool JP FFXIV promotion
  35. Need a CNJ/WHM/SCH for Static - Gilgamesh (Fast Exping)
  36. Early Access Grace Period till Aug 30th to enter retail code! (Confirmed by SE CM)
  37. Who's Going Where!? (BG Server List)
  38. FFXIV: A Realm Reborn FAQs
  39. Monk details?
  40. Lock or delete
  41. New 1.35 GB patch to download
  42. Does anyone know how FATE contributions are calculated?
  43. What's the breakdown of NPC races in cities like?
  44. FFXIV-App: What are the forum and official rules around this?
  45. Unable to log into FF14 ARR main forums...
  46. Bard Detail
  47. Misc questions
  48. FFXIV Random Complaint Thread: Look forward to it
  49. FFXIV Random Praise Thread: Time to melee RDM
  50. Some questions about Grand Companies
  51. Can't drop/abandon main storyline quests for previous 9000 errors
  52. Dragoon discussion/details thread
  53. PSA: Registering a PS3 copy of XIV on a fresh account does not give you PC access
  54. Looking for help for 2 quests
  55. Relic Reborn information
  56. FFXIV Random Question Thread
  57. Lodestone is now up
  58. Job Quests
  59. Warrior Discussion
  60. How to even download the client?
  61. Chocobo Companion
  62. Error code [30605] [20448] [10009] [10019 and Bullguard]..... Solution!
  63. Map Bug?
  64. Claiming preorder/CE items. Can you do it on more then 1 realm?
  65. Odin/behemoth fates
  66. The Arcanist Thread.
  67. Sub-Job Requirements
  68. Switching Grand Companies
  69. Unable to locate character?
  70. Non-Early Access Players!
  71. Free Company Chest Question
  72. IGN Live Stream (Monday, Aug 26 2PM PT/5PM ET/9PM GMT) {Will it blend!?}
  73. What's the deal with the WAR quest? MRD 30, GLA 20, no new quest shows up.
  74. My husband is stuck on Ridill, I heard you wanted to play with jp superior servers.
  75. Missing main storyline quest?
  76. Magitek Mount
  77. Some servers are super full, and yet more people are coming to join them
  78. City-State Allegiance.
  79. Sunken Temple of Qarn's "damaged gear"
  80. CE Items available
  81. Rest of the NDA Lifted - Video/Streaming Now Allowed
  82. How to get to Isles of Umbra?
  83. Pre-order help
  84. Registered Game Code on wrong acct
  85. This world is currently full......
  86. UK People - a mutually beneficial offer. Mods, delete if this isn't appropriate
  87. Dodore location
  88. Places to fate grind?
  89. Anyone know where to get the items unlocked via achievements?
  90. Veteran Rewards
  91. error 2146697211 when starting launcher this morning
  92. Does anyone know how to receive their $5 Amazon credit?
  93. Dumb question.
  94. Websites Compendium
  95. Two Questions
  96. ARR Press Reviews
  97. Theorycraft/Guide Threads
  98. Controller issues
  99. Level 15 and lost
  100. Garuda (main story)
  101. How Important Is Race?
  102. Doing the Dirty Work Quest
  103. NA grouping moving to JPN server ?
  104. Level 50 gear drops and dungeons
  105. 1.0 Dated gears
  106. Level 45+ quests
  107. List of voice actors?
  108. Fate Contribution
  109. How to import/export your UI, skill bars etc to a different computer ?
  110. Stat allocation for someone who plans to play different classes, can't find an answer
  111. My stay in Mordion Gaol
  112. Windows XP and Cutscene Display Problems
  113. Two copies of PC version of FFXIV on the same SE account
  114. Is there any way to change your displayed/tracked quests?
  115. Simplifying targeting while using the controller
  116. FFxiv:arr giveaway, deal or extra code?
  117. Is there any way to check the amount/percentage of rested XP you have?
  118. Is there something odd about the graphics?
  119. New player guide
  120. Wanderer's Palace Full Clear Observations/Strats
  121. Achievement rewards
  122. "Boss" FATEs
  123. Meteor Survivor Ring?
  124. Where to enter 1.0 codes?
  125. Immortal Flames promotion?
  126. Phoenix Down
  127. Titan Fight
  128. Gladiator: big shield (block strength) vs small shield (block rate)
  129. The VIT/STR debate for Paladin
  130. Unlocking Mining Gathering Log 21+?
  131. Garuda hard mode
  132. What is the purpose of Gil?
  133. Not A Random Question and Answer Thread
  134. Tomes of Mythology - Reset Time?
  135. 1.0 account and updating to collector gives you 30 days?
  136. Question Regarding Repairing Gear
  137. Chocobo Questions!
  138. Server lag/delay for EU players?
  139. The freshly turned 50 (for the first time) thread
  140. Available Quests?
  141. Aggro mechanics
  142. Cool and cheap BLM t-shirt
  143. Where to exchange Inferno Totem for Ifrit weapon???
  144. Communicating with other servers
  145. Fastest way to spiritbind?
  146. Pugilist/monk discussion
  147. Comprehensive list of text commands?
  148. ilvl vs. Materia
  149. Dungeon Sac pulls
  150. Elemental crystals/clusters
  151. Allagan Tomestone Of Mythology HOW-TO drop-list
  152. 1.0 and 2.0 Story summary/comparisons
  153. Something lost when making game so easy/accommodating?
  154. Summer event question
  155. Class vs Job
  156. Having trouble opening a quest
  157. What is the quickest method for breaking weapons?
  158. Mobile Authenticator
  159. Accuracy
  160. FATE respawn times
  161. How are instance servers determined with duty finder?
  162. Spiritbond Information/Locations in ARR
  163. Item level overview?
  164. Cross Hotbar / Hotbar Order Suggestion
  165. The state of the economy, discussion.(inspired by reddit admittedly)
  166. Immune to aggro?
  167. Trading Dungeon Gear for GC Seals
  168. Botany locations?
  169. Going to make a healer for my second class - SCH or WHM?
  170. Trade in darklight gear?
  171. GC: can't get promoted to the 3rd group of ranks (2nd Storm Lieuteneant+)
  172. Ranged DPS vs Melee DPS
  173. Shield Lob - Quest?
  174. Joining a FC not affiliated with your GC (Pros? Cons?)
  175. Anyone have items enter your inventory/armory chest and then poof?
  176. Why do people argue SMN has low DPS?
  177. Macro question
  178. Hot bars keep resetting?
  179. Black Shroud Mining - 11-20
  180. Is there a list somewhere of levequest-offering locations?
  181. Stupid question about moving.
  182. Bard Endgame
  183. Any of you bishes on Lamia?
  184. Alpha client files
  185. Do failure rates feel off to anyone else?
  186. BLM questions
  187. Old 1.0 account, how do I get started?
  188. Star next to GC provision/supply missions?
  189. Creating Extra Pseudo-Cross Hotbar Actions
  190. New lvl 50 How to get into endgame
  191. Achievement Rewards
  192. Borderless Windows Mode and teeny-tiny font
  193. it really shouldn't be this difficult
  194. Bahamut's Coil - Turn 4
  195. Question pertaining to melding
  196. Summoner help!
  197. Stats/gear question
  198. How to make gil?
  199. Spiritbound
  200. Server transfers?
  201. Best use of Levequest Allowances?
  202. Time to pony up, put up or shut up, meet the piper, money / mouth: It's time to pay if you stay~
  203. I need things to spend my GC seals on.
  204. Healing on a PS3 controller in late/endgame
  205. How to acquire some items
  206. Sunken Temple Final Fight - 2 Casters
  207. Questions about the triple turn in Tradecraft Leves
  208. Status removal tips
  209. FATE Grinding above your level
  210. Unspoiled Mining Point Question
  211. Non-convertible gear and spiritbonding
  212. I'm kinda new, not sure how to progress.
  213. FFXIV freezing on the PS3?
  214. Dyeing armor with materia already attached?
  215. Levequest rewards changing?
  216. The gatherering thread (Botanist/Miner/Fisher)
  217. Twintania - Does anyone understand Conflag?
  218. Macro help!
  219. Preferred leveling method?
  220. Something interesting in AK
  221. Reddit recruits Hitler as moderator to monopolize Titan win prices
  222. Griefing CM in -style-.
  223. SE (temp)banning accounts with mad gil.
  224. Levels of endgame gear
  225. The Yet to Come of XIV
  226. [Suggestion] Philosophy/Mythology tomes
  227. SCH/WHM - healing stat discussion
  228. Is there a list of hats that work with the /visor option?
  229. Powerleveling lowbie jobs 1-20.
  230. When can you begin breaking armor?
  231. Twintania downed because FFXIV is so much easier than [insert name here]
  232. BC Turn 2
  233. Spiritbind tips
  234. Chat client with working overlay
  235. Getting the gaming press involved: Post here if you were affected by the RMT suspensions on Sept 27t
  236. Messing with the HUD
  237. So I got hacked
  238. Another exploit - Wholly Unsecured Database
  239. Potential Security Exploit
  240. The Whitelist • For returning hacked players
  241. Myth for one, or myth for all?!
  242. Halloween Event
  243. Reorder Character List?
  244. Separating FFXI and FFXIV on to separate SE accounts
  245. Subscription issue w/Mog Station. 401 error - new
  246. BGForm Database is hacked or Admins are trying to steal accounts
  247. Any members on..
  248. VPN Issues
  249. Your Home Point / Favored Destinations?
  250. EFE Debuff