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2009-04-09, 23:53
Would go in advanced but, not enough posts. :P

The monster at Xarcabard is a Shadow Dragon-type NM, nothing too fancy except he seems to absorb one random element at a time. Learned this by healing him for like 700 with a thunder 3. Solo'd easily as RDM/BLM, hit me for 0 with prot 4 and phalanx up.

I traded a morion earring NQ, got it back with +1 ice resist (OMG!)

Did it again just now, fought the behemoth by trading a life belt. It attacked faster/harder but was still an easy solo as RDM/BLM, this time i could nuke it though (good thing because i didn't have my melee weapons lol). It did have enaspir, but was like 3~5 MP at most and not 100% proc rate.

Got the life belt with +11 fire resist and +8 lightning resist.

Also, couldn't do it with a morion tathlum.

EDIT: Beak necklace, my friend did it, +8 lightning and +10 light. He basically hit the mob once then gekko'd and it died. Was on the behemoth at behemoth's dominion.