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  1. The Nintendo Switch

    Goodbye, Nintendo NX, we hardly knew you. Hello, Nintendo Switch...

    We... pretty much hardly know you, too.

    The veil of secrecy is lifted. Nintendo's new console is called the Switch and is, at least in concept, a very cool idea. We had leaks, sure, but it's always nice to see the actual thing working (in a PR video, at least). The concept of a portable console experience has been talked about for a ...
  2. Stormblood

    We will take a break from our regular Music Friday to talk about the biggest news of the day: Final Fantasy XIV has revealed some details about the next expansion coming in early summer 2017: Stormblood.

    Stormblood will see us take the fight to the Empire by helping the Resistance in taking back the city-state of Ala Mhigo, under Garlean rule for years. The events that lead us to this started in the latest live patch ...
  3. Music Friday: Rise

    I am tired of Alexander - - - freezing time and - - - messing up with my - - - Enochian! At this rate - - - this post will come - - - out *days* later than - - - intended!

    Alexander's final encounter is Alexander Prime, the Soul of the Creator, deep inside a time bubble at the very core of the time-altering Primal. The battle ...
  4. Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

    As the summer wraps up and the weather starts to cool, we’re reminded that fall is here. There are certain things you can count on to coincide with the arrival of fall -- the leaves start to change, football season returns, pumpkin-flavored everything permeates everwhere, and gamers get to enjoy the annual release cycle for numerous major franchises. For me, this means it is time for the latest Destiny expansion, ...
  5. BG Stats for September 2016

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