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  1. Rising the Iron

    I have returned from my vacations! What did I do, you ask? Play Rise of Iron, of course! It's not often a vacation period coincides with the launch of a much anticipated game for me so I made the most out of it. And yes, it was a coincidence... I did not plan it that way!

    Destiny's last expansion is full of exciting moments, even if it is a bit on the short side. There's only a ...
  2. Music Friday: Rise of Iron

    Are you ready for Destiny's next expansion? Or are you letting a bunch of tech mites just flutter around your head?

    Rise of Iron is coming up next week (hype!) but we got an early treat: the title screen changed in the last patch to what is gonna be our welcome to the expansion for the next year. Hmmm... these stuff tends to ...
  3. Music Friday: Doom and Gloom

    I just found out today that Parasite Eve's soundtrack was composed by Yoko Shimomura, the very same who made the music for Kingdom Hearts and the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

    Parasite Eve was an RPG released around the time when Squaresoft was at its peak during the PlayStation era. Main protagonist is NYPD cop Aya Brea who is suddenly ...
  4. Music Friday: Tumbling Down

    I continue my short musical journey through the Crystal Tower raid, but I am suddenly facing huge bosses! On the upside, the tempo kicks ass.

    All three "wings" of the Crystal Tower series end with encounters with big bosses with mechanic-heavy fights (within the confines of a 24-man difficulty raid). They also ...
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