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  1. Better late than never

    Last night I finally got my 210 Anima weapon in Final Fantasy XIV! YES, I am months late. With all other stuff I have been playing I just didn't grind for the 'unidentifiable' set of items, just purchasing them every now and then.

    With yesterday's patch, which heavily nerfed the costs of these items, I managed to get all of them with a combination of tomes and beast tribe tokens. ...
  2. Music Friday: The Ark

    I started Lightning Returns the other day and... Hm? Yes, I just did. Yeah, I know.

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, also known as FFXIII-3, came out at a terrible time. Back then our wonderful government imposed a $42 tax on courier deliveries. What was previously a $12 delivery jumped to $54 - almost the price of a full ...
  3. Survive (the hate)

    Yo! Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo guys. This is real:

    What's the first thing you do with a franchise like Metal Gear Solid after doing away with its creator and part of its team? Why, do a... survival... game... thingy.

    And no, I am not counting the pachinko machine thing because... pachinko.

    Konami today announced Metal Gear Survive (which ironically enough also acronyms to 'MGS') and ...
  4. Music Friday: Walking

    It's a holiday here and I just spent about 4 hours in the local boardwalk catching pokémon. Water pokémon. Also, since it's a holiday I don't have access to my office PC where my Wordpress credentials are, and since I am too tired and lazy to go changing the password... forget the simple formatting. Amazing PR spin: BlueGartr exclusive!

    Pokémon GO is a week old here so the magic hasn't gone away yet, and it's still ...
  5. Pokéstop GO

    While more developed countries were catching pokémon and cursing Niantic for removing some steps from some screen, we the people of South America we just crossing our fingers waiting for Pokémon GO to come to us (unless, of course, you somehow managed to install it earlier). Last week we finally got our chance as the game was released in our countries and I can finally leave home and work behind ...
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