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  1. "Its been 30 hours, you need to leave"

    Okay, so continuation on the story from before.

    It was June of 2018. The wife was doing alot better than she has been for the last two years. She's gaining weight, she has energy. I feel good. Everything was coming up Milhouse.

    Since we were doing so good and happy, we decided to visit our local county fair. Its nothing special, your typical fair ground type stuff. Rides, food, weird shows, weird vendors, the norm. We had a great day. My only complaint about going every ...
  2. BG Stats for February 2019

  3. Kingdom Hearts 3 Review -- The Wait is Finally Over

    After nearly thirteen years (or over thirteen years if you played the Japanese release), Square Enix finally released the sequel to Kingdom Hearts II and the third numeric entry in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Before I get into this review, it’s impossible to talk about Kingdom Hearts 3 without acknowledging the time it took to get here and games that came before it. Part of the issue is the peculiar numbering ...
  4. Indie Games You Might Have Missed in 2018

    When I was thinking about my game of the year for 2018 last month, one thing that stood out was the number of great indie games that I played over the past year. I’d go so far as to say that some of the best games I played last year were not major AAA titles, but indie games produced by smaller studios. I once heard someone express an apt sentiment about indie games, that the best indie games focus on a single ...
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