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  2. BG Stats for July 2021

  3. New Pokémon Snap Review -- Pokémon Geographic

    Conflict and stakes are typically a core element of video games. Some of the most memorable games tell stories about the clash between the forces of good and evil, battling to prevent or overcome great calamities, or the struggle to survive. Of course, there are also competitive games that are built around the conflict of gamers pitted against other players or teams. And then there are games like New Pokémon ...
  4. BG Stats for June 2021

  5. Special Report: E3 2021

    After missing 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, E3 returned to the Los Angeles Convention Center this year. This should have been a triumphant return and an exciting week for gamers, but in addition to the fact that a number of companies offered digital presentations last year during the planned E3 period, E3 has been in a weird place the past few years. In the past, there were three big press conferences from ...
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