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    Completionism is good when it's done organically. It's bad when it simply serves as content padding or to incentivize players to play the game in an inherently unsatisfying way. When the player feels excited for that next piece of content and any associated reward with it, that's good. When it just feels like going down a checklist, that's bad (even though it may still be effective in maintaining player interest in the short-term).

    I'd separate completionism and achievements as two somewhat overlapping design issues. Achievements may promote completionism through external rewards, but they also rob the player of the imagination/freedom to explore a game on their own terms. My own personal opinion is that many more games from the pre-achievement era fall into that "fun completionism" category while those in the post-achievement era tend to fall into the "checklist" category.
  2. Elcura -
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    If you have the motivation to do it I would definitely complete a game. Most of the time I just play games until I feel I'm done with them or I've done everything I consider fun. A game has to be very good to get me to do shit like collect all weapons and do all the things.

    But also since I'm not a child and can actually afford to play more than 1 game a month I definitely don't delve as deep. No way am I beating FF7 15 times just to see the different dialogue flavours characters had at certain parts of the game or getting to level 9999 and grinding item worlds in Disgaea anymore, but you definitely go as far as the game keeps you interested. Doing things for the sake of doing things is a young man's game, or someone who generally doesn't have a wide collection/variety. Too old for this shit.
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    Completionism is what keeps me going in all games. From playing all Final Fantasy titles and hitting 100% or damn near close ie: XI and XIV it feels great. I experienced everything and got the most out of my buck. I could grind the smallest mob that drops a .5% item for hours on end just to know that I 'did it'. :D
  4. Kaslo -
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    I feel Horizon: Zero Dawn should be in the Sony Pros
  5. 6souls -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaslo
    I love how everyone bashes Destiny, but then we get 2 people giving it game of the year here. Just think if Destiny delivered on the "cinematic storytelling" it would be making people's head's explode.
    I still have my XI state-of-mind towards the game. I'm addicted to it, but I hate how buggy the gameplay is and clueless the devs come off as. I would love to see the sales numbers for the DLC to see how much of a drop-off it is compared to units sold at launch.
  6. Delirium -
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    Echoing Sonomaa about FFXIV. Since I got it in 2013 though, I would probably pick Bayonetta 2 with runners up being Bravely Default and Shadow of Mordor. I just started playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, it seems really good so far though and might supplant the other games.
  7. Kaslo -
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    I love how everyone bashes Destiny, but then we get 2 people giving it game of the year here. Just think if Destiny delivered on the "cinematic storytelling" it would be making people's head's explode.
  8. Zetanio -
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    No one voted for FFVII. This website sucks.
  9. Serra -
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    To be fair, Smash 4 has only had a little over a month to dethrone a game that has been the pinnacle of Smash for thirteen years.
  10. SephYuyX -
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    Which is sad, because I think WiiU is hella more fun.
  11. Xno Kappa -
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    Smashfags will never let go of Melee.
  12. Abandon -
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  13. Charismatic -
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    Toukiden didn't actually come out this year btw, but I played it a lot more this year than last year!
  14. Charismatic -
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    [SIZE="5"][CENTER][B]Toukiden: The Age of Demons[/B][/CENTER][/SIZE]

    For this one, I'll let the gameplay speak for itself. Definitely my favorite game of the year. Sunk hundreds of hours into it and I'm awaiting Toukiden Kiwami next year.
    2015 is going to be absolutely crazy for games.
  15. Sho -
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    A very nice entry.
  16. theshun -
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    I agree with the grades. As for Xbone sales, I don't think they've broken the 3.5M SOLD mark. They've SHIPPED 5M+ and sold-in to retailers, not to customers. March they did 311k and April was 115k and their last official statement gave a 3M sold in Feb.
  17. Byrd -
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    Holy cow, I'm glad you commented on the issues with the "training" sessions with the new farting skills. I thought I was going out of my mind; the one with Randy in the bathroom had me pissed off enough I put the game down and went to bed. Glad to know I'm not the only one.
  18. Draylo -
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    Haven't enjoyed a game like this in a while, its amazing. I love the job system and the story. Can't wait for the sequel.
  19. AvidLoki -
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    I can relate to someone coming back since the earlier generation (Silver and Gold) and thought this was a great review that hits close to home.

    Great job!
  20. Callisto -
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    Decent review. I can say this is the first game in probably a couple of years that I felt fully lived up to the hype, absolutely the least regrettable $60 purchase I've made in a long time.
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