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  1. BG Stats for February 2018

  2. On Tilt

    If you’ve played a competitive first-person shooter, you’ve probably been here before: One minute you’re playing a match, things are going fine, and then, BAM! Someone hiding across the map picks you off with a sniper rifle. It’s irritating, but it was a good shot, so you go on your way. Until a few minutes later, when, BAM! That same sniper, sitting in the same spot, picks you off again. Now you’re ...
  3. BG Stats for January 2018

  4. Super Mario Odyssey Review – A Man of Many Hats

    Say what you will about Nintendo, but there is no denying their willingness to experiment with Mario and his self-titled franchise. From his origins in the age of arcades, to his platforming roots, to his adventures with go-karts, across golf courses and soccer fields, to his pioneering forays into 3D, to even his evolutionary steps bouncing between multitudinous gravitational fields, Nintendo has not shied away ...
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