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  1. Music Friday: Victory

    Post of the week
    as Sagacyte

    Yeah, in a move that I foresaw I would regret I ended up getting Overwatch during my trip and have been playing quite a bit of it. I regret it in the sense that it has become another game to juggle in my regular play time, together with Destiny and Final Fantasy XIV.

    Nevertheless, Overwatch ...
  2. Person of Interest Review -- Or how I say goodbye to my favorite television show.

    This month saw the series finale of Person of Interest, the criminally underappreciated television series which combined a science-fiction spin with a typical police procedural, but remained rooted enough in reality to keep itself believable. Person of Interest ran for one-hundred-three episodes over five seasons, and was cerebral and intelligent, but also knew how to tell a personal story which often elicited powerful ...
  3. RAGNTS - DeviantArt can suck my dick

    If you've been to DeviantArt recently this is what the site looks like to most people recently.

    As an admin of a site that eats up to 60 TB of bandwidth per month I go out of my way to support the sites I check frequently. I don't use any ad blockers and only use StevenBlack hosts file to make sure to get the most dangerous malware out of the way. I even whitelist safe ads like Google Adsense ...
  4. Music Friday: The Final Steps of Faith

    Hello! I am back from vacations and I had a blast visiting Miami! Technically I returned last Friday night but I have had to prep stuff at home and finish a bunch of work and am now finally ready to enjoy some normal time. Today's theme is from Final Fantasy XIV - spoilers for 3.3 ahead!

    This is actually three songs ...
  5. Special Report: E3 2016

    E3 is always a special time of year for gamers. Over the course of the week, gamers intently follow the press conferences and demos to get a better picture of the games they’ll be playing over the next year and beyond. This E3 was somewhat different though. In addition to the fact that many of the games revealed last year have still not come out, this year’s E3 was plagued by a seemingly larger-than-normal ...
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