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  1. Music Friday: Spoiler Break

    That sounds like a cool theme name, eh? "Spoiler Break".

    Sadly, that's not a theme. It's me, telling you guys there won't be a MF today. And no, it's not a holiday here.

    Yesterday, while browsing Youtube I found myself spoiled the identity of the final boss in Final Fantasy XV. Therefore, I am not going there until at least next week. And I wouldn't want any of you ...
  2. Music Friday: Stand Your Ground

    With today's official "sampler" of Final Fantasy XV songs released by Squeenix we now know the official name of the battle music from the recent "Judgment Disc" demo: Stand Your Ground. It was previously circulated as "Careening Into Danger" but now we know the truth.

    Final Fantasy XV apparently has battle ...
  3. Music Friday: Double Boss Combo

    Have you noticed that I seem to have a preference for battle themes in Music Friday? No particular reason other than battle/boss music having the responsibility of inspiring a sense of urgency and danger that is crucial to set the mood of battle. Since last week I was on a holiday, I owe you a post, and thus bring today two neat boss themes from two fun games!

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