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  1. Granblue Fantasy Review -- AKA, the BlueGartr Guild Recruitment Drive!

    I had a strange revelation a few weeks ago. Actually, two strange revelations. One, I was about to spend a lot of time at airports and away from home. And two, as if wasn’t already, my gaming time was about to consist of a single, overwhelming, and emphatically suffocating entity -- Granblue Fantasy. This put me in a predicament. Do I write a review on a topic of interest (perhaps on rankings in gaming..), or ...
  2. Kingsglaive: A taste of XV

    I finally watched it! Kingsglaive is our first tangible taste of the world to come with Final Fantasy XV. An entirely CGI movie - like Advent Children - that is neither prequel nor sequel, but rather happens in parallel to the events of the game's early moments.

    This post will contain spoilers for Kingsglaive and Final Fantasy XV, though I won't dwelve into details, more like broad strokes. Still,

    Updated 2016-08-30 at 15:19 by Sagacyte

  3. Music Friday: Shattered

    This Anima nerf has gotten me to do the Crystal Tower series of raids again, and reminded me of just what an amazing soundtrack they have.

    Shattered plays during regular encounters in the Crystal Tower raid, the second in the set of "casual" 24-man raid during Final Fantasy XIV's 2.0 series.The music is all ...
  4. Better late than never

    Last night I finally got my 210 Anima weapon in Final Fantasy XIV! YES, I am months late. With all other stuff I have been playing I just didn't grind for the 'unidentifiable' set of items, just purchasing them every now and then.

    With yesterday's patch, which heavily nerfed the costs of these items, I managed to get all of them with a combination of tomes and beast tribe tokens. ...
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