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  1. Music Friday: World of Warcraft

    Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

    Almost a decade ago, while I was teaching web stuff in a local institute, some students tried to convince me to try World of Warcraft. I was adamant. You see, back then the concept of paying a monthly fee for games was new for me. I was also an MMO newbie ...
  2. Music Friday: Home

    Friday is the best day of the week, and some game music can help make it 34% more awesome - according to some random study, somewhere, maybe.

    Severed is a game from Drinkbox Studios, the same guys responsible for Guacamelee! and was released exclusively for the Playstation Vita a few weeks ago. ...
  3. BG Stats for May 2016

  4. June & E3 incoming

    May has been a very sucky month. Won't go over details but there's been a bunch of bad news and developments all over. At least none of them have been life-threatening, so we go on, looking forward to the most exciting month of the year, every year: June! Sure, it's my birthday on the 17th* ** *** but the real star is E3!

    *I accept game codes or PSN fund codes as gifts
    ** I am kidding
    *** Or am I?

    With announcements from the big three two, and ...
  5. On The Meta

    Everyone wants to believe they are unique, that they are special, that they are a one-of-a-kind snowflake. Unfortunately, your mother lied and you’re not special, or unique, or a snowflake (which is probably a good thing because it is almost the summer and snowflakes do not do too well in the summer). Is it that big of a surprise though? After all, society puts so much pressure on us to conform and be like everyone ...
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