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  1. Music Friday: Winter Voyage

    Merry Christmas! Yeah, a couple of days ahead... consider it a Christmas gift! I know, I know... at least it's not a pair of socks, eh?

    Destiny is sporting a neat music theme for the holidays this year. Remember this is the first year that Destiny has actually celebrated "Christmas" with the new The Dawning event. In-game ...
  2. Music Friday: Cleigne Battle

    Please don't tell me you were expecting something other than a Final Fantasy XV theme? You should know me by now!

    Of note: the video contains a battle happening in the region of Cleigne. It's a few random mobs and some imperial soldiers. At this point I still avoid big spoilers but this shouldn't be too much of a deal. As usual, avoid the post-video ...
  3. Music Friday: Somnus

    I have finally finished Final Fantasy XV's main story. I have tons of stuff pending to do, but it's time for a little break - it's basically all I have played since almost two weeks ago. Speaking of playing, go ahead and "play" the following video but do keep in mind to avoid the post-end "recommendations". If you haven't yet finished XV, spoilers are aplenty.

  4. Music Friday: Spoiler Break

    That sounds like a cool theme name, eh? "Spoiler Break".

    Sadly, that's not a theme. It's me, telling you guys there won't be a MF today. And no, it's not a holiday here.

    Yesterday, while browsing Youtube I found myself spoiled the identity of the final boss in Final Fantasy XV. Therefore, I am not going there until at least next week. And I wouldn't want any of you ...
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