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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn Review -- Tribal Girl Versus Robot Dinosaurs

    The post-apocalyptic world has become a fairly common setting across various fictional mediums. Whether it is caused by biological weapons, nuclear war, artificial intelligence, or the growing and crushing spread of mega-corporations and garbage, there are countless narratives which tell the story of humans (or an adorable robot in that last case) trying to survive and rebuild after some world-ending cataclysm. ...
  2. Destiny 2 Beta -- How I Spent My Summer Vacation

    Destiny, the game some consider the record-holder for the 'World’s Longest Beta' is drawing to a close. With the September release of Destiny 2 approaching, Bungie offered players their first taste of this new and improved(?) take on Destiny with the Destiny 2 Open Beta -- a Beta for the game we have been beta testing for three years, if you will. As something of an ardent Destiny fan, I felt it was my civic duty ...
  3. Special Report: E3 2017

    Ah, E3. The time of year when gaming companies try to sell gamers on their future projects, the big three try to show why their minor differences make them better than the competition, and gamers argue about why these two companies failed in their press conferences, but this company that I coincidentally support had the greatest press conference I’ve ever seen, even though they were more or less the same. E3, ...
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