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  1. Music Friday: Sagacyte's 2016 in VGM

    The final Friday of the year! Rebecca Black would be proud! Speaking of musical talent, let's remember some memorable themes from this year, shall we? And to make things a bit easier and familiar let's close this, the year of Final Fantasy XV, with some FF themes!

    In February, Final Fantasy XIV allowed us to fight the first of the Warring ...
  2. Sagacyte's Top Games of 2016

    Greetings, readers! It's the end of the year and it's time for the ever popular round up of the best games of the year! Odds are you have listened to my guest appearance in the Backlog Battle Podcast in which I revealed my top 5 games for the year 2016, but in case you haven't here are the best games (and a few honorable mentions) for my top games of the ending year - which saw some very high profiles games ...
  3. Music Friday: Winter Voyage

    Merry Christmas! Yeah, a couple of days ahead... consider it a Christmas gift! I know, I know... at least it's not a pair of socks, eh?

    Destiny is sporting a neat music theme for the holidays this year. Remember this is the first year that Destiny has actually celebrated "Christmas" with the new The Dawning event. In-game ...
  4. Music Friday: Cleigne Battle

    Please don't tell me you were expecting something other than a Final Fantasy XV theme? You should know me by now!

    Of note: the video contains a battle happening in the region of Cleigne. It's a few random mobs and some imperial soldiers. At this point I still avoid big spoilers but this shouldn't be too much of a deal. As usual, avoid the post-video ...
  5. Music Friday: Somnus

    I have finally finished Final Fantasy XV's main story. I have tons of stuff pending to do, but it's time for a little break - it's basically all I have played since almost two weeks ago. Speaking of playing, go ahead and "play" the following video but do keep in mind to avoid the post-end "recommendations". If you haven't yet finished XV, spoilers are aplenty.

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