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  1. The Light in Our Path

    Happy New Year everyone! How did you spend the last minutes of last year and the first few days of the new? I did having the same sentiment: I wish I was home playing more video games. Sue me. I'm not much of a "let's go out" kind of guy but as the sole member in my house who can actually make a mechanized vehicle move it is inevitable to not be home as much as I want to. Still, hoping you all had a great time! My new year resolutions are already set and wait anxiously to be ignored ...
  2. BG Stats for the whole year 2014

  3. 2014 - The year that was (still is, but you get my meaning).

    Time flies. During work days it does so at terribly slow speeds while it switches to warp speed during the weekends. Despite this the entire year 2014 seems to have gone by quickly and I feel that I haven't had enough time to do all I wished to do. Of course this is incorrect: I've had time, I just have been terrible at organizing what little free time I have left. I blame Final Fantasy XIV.

    This year saw the rise and fall of my FC due to some members going from "I thought XIV ...
  4. BG Newsletter #16

    Unfortunately due to being on vacation I was unable to make any fine tune changes on this newsletter. Data was used just before I left. Have a great new year everyone!

    BG Member Of The Week: Ryko

    Q. How long have you been a part of BG?
    A. I joined BG in 2005 after months of lurking and a year+ of harassing Dragoons on the GameFAQs FFXI forum.

  5. BG Staff Picks - 2014

    It is nearly the end of the year. Whereas some people take the end of December to reminisce about the good times, reflect on the bad, and remember all the things that have happened over the course of the past three hundred sixty-five days, we’re gamers, so of course the end of the year means it’s time to look back on the gaming year that was, and pick out the best game of 2014. Undoubtedly, everyone ...
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