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  1. Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review -- Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

    After a delay of nearly two months, Destiny 2: Beyond Light has finally arrived. This past year was been Bungie’s first year self publishing Destiny 2 since splitting with Activision and there have been some undeniable growing pains. While Year 3 had its share of flaws, the Fall expansions are the Destiny franchise’s biggest content drops which lay the foundation for the upcoming year and have the potential to ...
  2. Genshin Impact Review -- Breath of the Waifu

    Since 2014, I have had a consistent fall routine: pick up the latest Destiny release and then throw my sleep schedule and anything resembling a good habit out the window to binge for a week or two to prepare for the new raid experience. So you can imagine my dismay when, likely because of the ongoing global pandemic, the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion was delayed by nearly two months. What was I to do? Not spend ...
  3. BG Stats for September 2020

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