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  1. A Destiny 2 suggestion

    I played two hours of Destiny 2 last night. That stupid little voice on the back of my head warning me about the very real dangers of falling asleep on the wheel the next morning. Still, those two hours were very enjoyable and cannot wait to get back to it tonight! For now, I wanted to give a small suggestion to those who are just starting out on their new adventure.

    Will contain slight spoilers from the Beta version.

  2. Farewell, Destiny

    And he shall return when it is time for the end.

    Destiny 2 launches tomorrow and I just can’t wait for it to come. I have been playing Destiny on and off, from the Alpha to the final expansion (Rise of Iron), and few other games have captured my attention with its rich universe and deep lore — very important things both. This past weekend I booted up the game for what could very well be the last time. I did not go to every planet or strike, I didn’t visit the Crucible or did some ...

    Updated 2017-09-04 at 17:23 by Sagacyte

  3. Horizon Zero Dawn Review -- Tribal Girl Versus Robot Dinosaurs

    The post-apocalyptic world has become a fairly common setting across various fictional mediums. Whether it is caused by biological weapons, nuclear war, artificial intelligence, or the growing and crushing spread of mega-corporations and garbage, there are countless narratives which tell the story of humans (or an adorable robot in that last case) trying to survive and rebuild after some world-ending cataclysm. ...
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