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  1. RAGNTS - Your website is bad and you should feel bad


    Q: Your website is bad and you should feel bad
    TLDR: Yes, I already know.

    Long answer: BG Forum will soon celebrate its 12th years anniversary. To put things in perspective BG is older than: Facebook (which back then was thefacebook.com), Youtube, WoW, MyDoom / Novarg worm, HTML5, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Digg, Reddit, Github, Megaupload, Dropbox, Instagram, Tumblr, Firefox 1.0, the Apple ...

    Updated 2015-10-16 at 01:42 by Ragns

  2. A cash shop in the stars

    Show me your moves

    Destiny launched it's Eververse Trading Company (ETC) store which is the fun name for what is essentially a "cash shop"; the items available for sale right now are just a group of fun emotes. As expected there's already voices of concern that this may take the game in the wrong way - also known as the pay to win (P2W) way.

    Earlier this month there were ...

    Updated 2015-10-14 at 15:09 by Sagacyte (Forgot to add the "signature" thing :))

  3. GamingGeekly: The Week Ahead (October 11 - 17)

  4. Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 33 – Bag o’ Mail


    With 5 Weeks until Patch 3.1, news for the game has run dry. But Limit Break Radio Fan Mail is still flowing like a welfare tome-gear fountain. So the crew spends the entire show wading through your e-mails and your calls! Topic range from Aniero’s Incentive Idea, to the Patch Delay, to all kinds of abuse thrown at Nika and Eskalia. Nika shares her experiencing judging Ghost in the Linkshell‘s fashion show, ...
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