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  1. You think you know but you know nothing

    Yesterday was a surprisingly hard day due to an unexpected event which has compelled me to do my first ever blog post. First it is best to tell about some past. I did not have a swell childhood and like many my parents divorced. I was around 13. I grew up thinking my father was a monster and my mother would confirm as much telling me stories throughout the years of how he was a terrible person. My relationship with my father ended when I was 14.

    I went through my twenties being an ...
  2. BG Stats for November 2017

  3. About stopping

    I was once visiting a mall in Argentina where the Sony store had set up an area to showcase the Playstation 3 and its games, having stations to show and allow visitors to try games. One of these stations had a Rock Band game (can’t remember if it was 1 or 2), and it was being played by this man, probably older than 50 years old, looking like the kind of old people that love to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles. My wife told me then that she fully expected to see me like that (in the age sense, ...
  4. Demon's Souls AI

    I recently purchased the Witcher 3 on a PSN sale and while I am no trophy hunter, I have heard so much great things about the game that I couldn’t help but see if it’s even possible for me to get it. So, one of the first choices I had to do was starting at a difficulty that would ensure I get the proper trophies once the game is done… so I chose “Death March” – the hardest difficulty. It took me around 10 tries – TEN TRIES – to pass the game’s very first encounter: a fight ...
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