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  1. Super Mario Odyssey Review – A Man of Many Hats

    Say what you will about Nintendo, but there is no denying their willingness to experiment with Mario and his self-titled franchise. From his origins in the age of arcades, to his platforming roots, to his adventures with go-karts, across golf courses and soccer fields, to his pioneering forays into 3D, to even his evolutionary steps bouncing between multitudinous gravitational fields, Nintendo has not shied away ...
  2. BlueGartr Staff Picks - 2017

    Maybe you’re here because you’re curious what games impressed the BlueGartr staff this year, maybe you’re here because you need a last-minute gift idea, maybe you’re here because you’re stuck in an airport due to a flight delay and need a distraction from the painful reminder that you hate flying. Whatever the reason, welcome to the 2017 BlueGartr Staff Game of the Year List. As is tradition, I’ve asked ...
  3. You think you know but you know nothing

    Yesterday was a surprisingly hard day due to an unexpected event which has compelled me to do my first ever blog post. First it is best to tell about some past. I did not have a swell childhood and like many my parents divorced. I was around 13. I grew up thinking my father was a monster and my mother would confirm as much telling me stories throughout the years of how he was a terrible person. My relationship with my father ended when I was 14.

    I went through my twenties being an ...
  4. BG Stats for November 2017

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