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  1. Spelunky 2 Review -- Cave Story

    There was a moment a few weeks ago where I had my best Spelunky 2 run ever. I was trying to unlock the third shortcut which required me to carry an item from the first level all the way to the end of level 4-4. By chance, I had acquired a number of great items, the compass, spike shoes, Kapala, and a four-leaf clover. I had made it to the second level of the Tide Pool, level 4-2, saw the exit, and promptly misjudged ...
  2. BG Stats for September 2021

  3. BG Stats for August 2021

  4. BG Stats for July 2021

  5. New Pokémon Snap Review -- Pokémon Geographic

    Conflict and stakes are typically a core element of video games. Some of the most memorable games tell stories about the clash between the forces of good and evil, battling to prevent or overcome great calamities, or the struggle to survive. Of course, there are also competitive games that are built around the conflict of gamers pitted against other players or teams. And then there are games like New Pokémon ...
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