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  1. BG Stats for February 2020

  2. Pokémon Sword and Shield Review -- The Great British Poké-off

    Earlier this month, Nintendo announced the two-part expansion pass for Pokémon Sword and Shield. Unlike previous generations, instead of a slightly different sequel entry, Nintendo is expanding on the existing games and giving players the opportunity to continue their journey to explore new areas and content with their existing Pokémon and teams. Given that I’ve poured nearly two-hundred hours into this generation ...
  3. BlueGartr Staff Picks - Game of the Decade

    2019 was something of an odd year for gaming without a lot of exceptional standouts. Luckily, 2019 also signifies the end of a decade, so let's instead consider the past ten years of gaming! This decade has seen an expansion in the scope and potential of games. We’ve seen games that have told amazing stories that stay with us years later and seen games that have been true works of art. The 2010s also saw competitive ...
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