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  1. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Review -- Long Live the Queen

    In 2015, Destiny’s first true expansion, The Taken King, introduced players to the pantheon of Hive dieties: Oryx, the titular Taken King, and his two sisters, Savathûn, the Hive god of deception and Witch Queen, and Xivu Arath, the Hive God of War. Although players slew Oryx, Savathûn and Xivu Arath remained as looming presences in the shadows of the franchise’s narrative. Last year, Savathûn took on a more ...
  2. BG Stats for February 2022

  3. Pokemon Legends: Arceus Review -- In the Beginning...

    Pokémon mythology straddles the line between unrealistically insane to completely bizarre. The games put players in control of children, ranging in age from ten to seventeen, who capture pokémon to battle and climb their way to the ultimate pokémon master of the region. On one extreme are common pokémon, barely different that ordinary animals in our own world, but on the other are creatures that, according to ...

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