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  1. BlueGartr Staff Picks - 2018

    As gamers, the end of the year provides an opportunity to look back at the library of games each of us has finished over the last year. 2017 was an exceptional year filled with numerous phenomenal games. Compared to that overwhelming bounty, 2018 offered far fewer noteworthy games. Perhaps as a testament to the lack of remarkable games this year, we’ve got fewer responses this year compared to past years. ...
  2. BG Stats for November 2018

  3. On Secrets

    If you have ever wandered away from your main goal in a video game, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across some type of secret. Secrets have been part of video games since nearly the very beginning. Whether it was a secret intended to assist players, or a hidden Easter egg, developers have been hiding secrets in games for years. The advent of the internet has changed this quite a bit, but game developers ...
  4. BG Stats for October 2018

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