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  1. Cail -
    Cail's Avatar
    Only 3rd? Wow I was slacking
  2. Xno Kappa -
    Xno Kappa's Avatar
    Lul at wrassling
  3. Prothescar -
    Prothescar's Avatar
    Christ those graphs. lmao
  4. Draylo -
    Draylo's Avatar
    Those charts put a smile on my face
  5. Fiye -
    Fiye's Avatar
    lol 4.0 relic on the bingo board and it hasn't been released.
  6. Anoat -
    Anoat's Avatar
    The Star Wars spoiler thread made an incredible move up this list despite only being around for three weeks.
  7. Zetanio -
    Zetanio's Avatar

  8. Xno Kappa -
    Xno Kappa's Avatar
    Breath of the Wild has to be the most overrated game of all time lmao.
  9. Draylo -
    Draylo's Avatar