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  1. Demon's Souls AI

    I recently purchased the Witcher 3 on a PSN sale and while I am no trophy hunter, I have heard so much great things about the game that I couldn’t help but see if it’s even possible for me to get it. So, one of the first choices I had to do was starting at a difficulty that would ensure I get the proper trophies once the game is done… so I chose “Death March” – the hardest difficulty. It took me around 10 tries – TEN TRIES – to pass the game’s very first encounter: a fight ...
  2. MP. Ugh.

    Time to get the pitchforks, boys! Dip them in gasoline and then light them on fire! We’re going on a rally to complain about more gaming stuff! We got about 1 minute until the fire consumes the wood handle of the pitchfork and we’re left weapon-less. Who are we gonna complain to? No idea! It’s the hip thing these days.

    What’s this about single player games being dead? Does it have something to do with Visceral Games being shut down because something something… ...
  3. This was about something else.

    You know what? I was gonna write a post about Destiny 2's current woes when it comes to end game progression and rewards. How end game activities are currently not feeling very rewarding and everything has been left to a system of trading tokens (not bad per se) for random pieces of loot (not good), as if someone thought it would be a good idea to copy MMO's token system and forgot that they complement the loot system, not replace it.

    But there's so much negativity in gaming media lately ...
  4. Fortnite thoughts

    A couple of days ago I wrote a series of tweets regarding Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, released as a free to play game for the Playstation 4 and other platforms. Basically, I find it quite entertaining. I was not in the “battle royale” bandwagon, despite having read about the success of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) which was the game that made this ...
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