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  1. On e-Sports

    This weekend, thousands of fan’s gathered at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn to cheer as the London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion competed in the Grand Finals of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. While this isn’t the first major e-sports championship, or even the largest, the Overwatch League is the first e-sports league I've followed closely and offers a good starting point to consider the history ...
  2. Special Report: E3 2018

    E3 2018 is officially over. Personally, I’ve come to evaluate E3 more by the ability of gaming companies to spark my excitement for games being released in the coming year, rather than games scheduled for some-point in the indefinite future. Going into E3 this year, I know I had a lot of expectations across the board -- there are many games in the pipeline that gamers have been anxiously awaiting, and it was ...
  3. BG Stats for May 2018

  4. On the Grind

    How many crabs have you killed? If you asked the average person, they would probably consider it a strange question that doesn’t merit much thought. However, if you’re someone who spent years playing Final Fantasy XI, I imagine that question is not so easy to answer. From Gustaberg, to Valkurm and Qufim, to Kuftal and Boyahda, it felt like we were always killing crabs. Looking back on it though, burning away ...
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