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  1. BG Stats for September 2017

  2. Destiny 2 Review -- The Empire Strikes Back

    There is no game that has consumed more of my playtime the past few years than Destiny (hereby referred to as Destiny 1). As someone who spent years playing Final Fantasy XI, the loot-based progression, the community, and the challenging end-game content appealed to me. And, as an ardent fan of the Halo franchise, the first-person shooter mechanics were second to none. Some days I would spend hours rerunning raids ...
  3. It never stops

    I still don’t have 280 characters to tweet.

    It wasn’t long ago that we talked about Final Fantasy XV‘s incomplete story, or at the very least its weird and seemingly disappointing storytelling. Leaving crucial parts of the story for DLC wasn’t the coolest of moves but… ok. Whatever. You wanna make an extra buck and will release this clearly omitted segments ...
  4. "Please, Bungo"

    Destiny’s Reddit, as it often happens with most game subreddits, has turned from praising Destiny 2 to reveling in posts about flaws or suggestions that could fix some of the problems people say the game has. Some big, some small, and some still fixated on the shaders issue (previously “wearable” items are now consumed on use). What is good about community feedback is that for every “OMG Bungo nerf MIDA” there is a bunch of good observations, some of which I very much agree on. ...
  5. I love a good remake/remaster

    People mock this generation for having way too many “remakes” or “remasters”, but I am actually quite happy with them – with a condition. They present opportunities to enjoy old favorites again or even play an old fan-favorite for the first time when switching consoles. For the lazy in us they even provide the chance to play some game you have on an older console without the hassle of plugin it again, with modern day enhancements such as screen captures or trophies. But the true ...
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