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  1. Fun and Murder in Virtual Paris

    Hello, friends! First of all, I offer my apologies for the lack of a Music Friday this past week! A lot of things happened in real life and I wasn't very focused on the gaming/fun stuff. I haven't even logged much in XIV, missing some T13 farming with both Syv and Arma. What I did get some time into was a game I wasn't expecting to enjoy as much as I am: Assassin's ...
  2. Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 15.1 – Steps of Salt


    This is it! The last 3 part Limit Break Radio episode ever! Because of your support at our Patreon page, Limit Break Radio announces the premier date of the weekly Limit Break Radio: June 7th 2015. The crew also announces the winners of Fan Art contest and glamour contest. All entries for the contest including our winning entries will be here on LimitBreakRadio.com in ...
  3. Nerfs and Ponies - A rant about rants

    Final Fantasy XIV got a new small patch with a few small changes here and there. Of course people are gonna complain and rant in social networks and places like Reddit. Well, I guess I can do a little rant on my own, right? Let's see what this small patch brings, shall we?

    Primal Ponies now have special music for each one

    Each pony, when ridden, now plays music corresponding to the Primal that dropped him/her. For example: if you have Shiva's pony it'll now ...
  4. Music Friday: Blaster Master Area 1

    Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

    Blaster Master. That blasted (teehee!) NES game on which I spent many game sessions, trying to figure out its maps, its enemies and its horrors. Well, "horrors" may be a bit too extreme, but that game was a fantastic piece of software that was hard as hell.

    In this game you piloted ...
  5. The Digital Future and P.T.

    Welcome to the digital future!

    It may be an exaggeration and blowing one game's situation out of proportion, to be honest. Nevertheless, what is happening with P.T. is truly something that can make one think about the hidden face of a digital-only future, even if it is possibly far-fetched.

    For those out of the loop, P.T. is an interactive teaser released for Playstation 4 some time ago, for a game that wasn't mentioned, done by the unknown 7780s studio. Here's ...
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