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  1. Zetanio -
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    Fortnite is p trash.
  2. carlweathers -
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    It's really nuts how much of a paradigm shift they've done switching their interest from the PVE game to this. They must have struck gold, because I'm seeing ads for this everywhere and stuff. I haven't actually played Fortnite, but I hope it does well. On paper, I think Fortnite should do better because I think Epic has access to better talent and tools. PUBG has sold over 18 million copies, so the headstart has them have a ridiculous lead.

    Bluehole giving their competitor so much free publicity was a complete blunder.

    The biggest loser in all this is Daybreak games. They had the time and money and they couldnt capitalize on it.
  3. Cail -
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  4. Zetanio -
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    Was away for 10 days, still top 10 poster.

    BG you are worthless.
  5. Sagacyte -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaslo
    Excuse me, Cuphead can be multiplayer!
    You're quite correct. My limited exposition to that game, via Youtube let's plays, has been exclusively people playing solo... hence my mistake