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  1. Music Friday: Stand Your Ground

    With today's official "sampler" of Final Fantasy XV songs released by Squeenix we now know the official name of the battle music from the recent "Judgment Disc" demo: Stand Your Ground. It was previously circulated as "Careening Into Danger" but now we know the truth.

    Final Fantasy XV apparently has battle ...
  2. Music Friday: Double Boss Combo

    Have you noticed that I seem to have a preference for battle themes in Music Friday? No particular reason other than battle/boss music having the responsibility of inspiring a sense of urgency and danger that is crucial to set the mood of battle. Since last week I was on a holiday, I owe you a post, and thus bring today two neat boss themes from two fun games!

  3. Music Friday: Slam Shuffle

    Halloween is upon us! Well, not yet but soon! So I was thinking of a spooky theme for the season and... didn't quite recall anything too seasonal at the moment. But then it hit me: a spooky theme that borders on mischievous - Slam Shuffle!

    Final Fantasy VI's Zozo is a town of thieves, wrongdoers, liars and general nasty people.... ...
  4. Music Friday: World of Final Fantasy title

    Have you tried World of Final Fantasy's demo? It's up now on PS4 and PSVita (if you can actually access them due to the bloody DDOS attack that's making the rounds today).

    The game that at first made everyone cringe at its cuteness and announced right before the Final Fantasy VII remake (which obviously gathered all the attention), WoFF has slowly been catching the eyes of people due to its colorful world and characters, ...
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