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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles Review

    Back in 2010, a trio of RPGs was released for the Wii in Japan to critical acclaim. Many heralded them as a return to the glory days of Japanese RPGs. Unfortunately, while many clamored for their release worldwide, Nintendo claimed to have no plans to release them outside Japan. Gamers launched "Operation Rainfall" which successfully persuaded Nintendo to release these games (two of them ...
  2. Final Fantasy XI: The Mystery of ROM9

    For those familiar with data mining FFXI, the existence of the folder "ROM9" has sparked speculation as to what its contents mean.

    The reason for this is because ROM folders are usually used to house files from different expansions separately.
    Chain of Promathia occupies ROM3, Treasure of Aht Urhgan in ROM4, and so on. The previous folder ROM8, was used for the add-on A Shantotto's Ascension. (all Abyssea data is stored in the main ROM folder).

    ROM9 ...

    Updated 2012-06-22 at 00:56 by Spira

  3. Special Report: E3 2012

    E3 has rolled around again and with it, a plethora of information for gamers. Who were the big winners? Which press conference fell the shortest? Which games are poised to be blockbusters? And what was the unexpected game that stood out from the crowd of exceptional games? Similar to last year, I’ve decided to convey my thoughts on the press conferences by the “Big Three” (and due to not ...
  4. Mass Effect 3 Review

    Few games can compare to the experience offered by the Mass Effect universe. When I played the original game back in 2007, I couldn’t help feeling blown away by the scope of the game. Never before had I played a game that had constructed a literal universe filled with hundreds of planets players could visit, filled with random enemies and encounters. The story it told was a science-fiction epic ...
  5. The Order: Offical BG TERA Guild on Jagged Coast is LIVE

    The Order had a triumphant finish to its head start weekend for TERA, culminating in a coordinated attack in a Guild vs Guild war on Crimson Knights. Last night we posed in a triumphant screenshot on the beach and took a picture!


    More adventure to come as the game lets ...

    Updated 2012-05-01 at 11:53 by Sonomaa

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