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  1. Special Report: E3 2019

    If you’ve heard or read any stories about E3 this week, you’ve probably seen at least a few largely tepid reactions to the annual gaming conference. A core part of E3 are the presentations from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo which showcase their upcoming release schedules. We’re nearing the end of a console generation and Sony chose not to attend E3 or host their own presentation this year. Coupled with the ...
  2. I love gaming, I think?

    A friend stopped over last night and we were talking about gaming. I gifted him Dark Souls 3 so we could co-op. I asked him how it was going and he said he's just not in front of the tv/pc like that anymore. Also, Iudex Gundyr smoked him! It got me thinking about myself and my gaming habits. Ever since I stopped being a daily FFXI player back in 2011 I've had trouble finding games that really grip me. Games that I can't wait to get home from work just so I can play it. And while chatting with my ...
  3. BG Stats for May 2019

  4. BG Stats for April 2019

  5. On Getting Good

    Stop me know if you’ve heard this one: FromSoftware puts out a new, highly anticipated game. Like many of their recent games, this is an incredibly challenging and punishing game. While there are many who enjoy the game, there are others who find the game too challenging which inspires a string of opinions and articles that argue that games should have an easy mode (and the expected string of counter-opinions and ...
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