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  1. Special Report: E3 2011

    June is an exciting month. NBA fans have the end of the playoffs, brides have weddings, fathers have their day, and children have the start of summer vacation. For gamers though, June means E3 (at least since it moved to June in 2009). Considering the importance of this week for the gaming community, I’ve decided to do a special write up to share my opinions on what we’ve seen in LA (and because ...
  2. Who are you and what have to done to my development team?

    So the May version update has passed - the first major version update in 5 months, heralding its veritably vast myriad slew of additions and adjustments, or so the dev team says.

    Now, I'm sure we've all heard this somewhere before, and we've seen how its turned out for so many years...
    It used to be that our biggest complaints as the playerbase would remain largely ignored by the development team, only to be responded with vague answers such as 'we'll look into it' and 'sorry, ...
  3. Pokémon Black and White Review

    In 1999, Nintendo and GameFreak released the first 2 Pokémon games. Paired with a cheerful anime and plethora of merchandise, Pokémon quickly claimed its spot as a children's phenomenon. Over the past 12 years, Nintendo has continued to release Pokémon games. While the majority of the franchise has continued to remain rooted in the original age demographic that made it successful, the games have ...
  4. Preview: TERA

    TERA: The Exiled Realm of Arborea


    Aion was several things: beautiful, different, and a welcome change to our normal MMO grind flavor of FFXI and WoW. The problem with Aion is that the grind turned out to be the entire game, one that left this terrifying taste in many of our mouths. I've spoke with former Aion players who shudder at the thought of another Korean MMO. They ...
  5. The Hallowed Version Update

    Ever felt like a sucker for buying into the hype of a version update for a 9 year old game? I have. And it’s something that has me at the edge of my seat every single time the version update comes by.

    If you’re like me, then here’s a question, have you ever asked yourself why this is so?

    For me, I think it’s the anticipation of what might happen ...
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