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  1. BG Stats for February 2021

  2. BG Stats for January 2021

  3. Risk of Rain 2 Review -- Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

    As I have gotten older, I find myself gravitating towards hobbies where the outcome is affected by the time I invest. The more time I spend running, the better I do on race day; I can create better dishes because I have years of cooking experience; and naturally, I am drawn to games where I can develop my skills and improve over time. If you have ever played a rouge-like, you will agree that this ideology is core ...
  4. BG Stats for the Whole Year 2020

  5. 2020 BlueGartr Staff Picks -- How Did You Survive Quarantine?

    Here we are at the end of 2020. I think everyone can agree that this past year has been a strange one. As activities in the world and social gatherings were canceled, more and more people embraced gaming as a refuge from the challenges and difficulties of the world. I can personally attest to nearly a dozen individuals who either bought their first systems or returned to gaming after many years. And while there ...

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