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  1. BG Stats for September 2020

  2. BG Stats for August 2020

  3. On Matchmaking

    If you have followed any communities around competitive first-person shooters this past year, you have probably seen a flood of complaints about matchmaking. Late last year, there was a surge in skill-based matchmaking, or SBMM, in games like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, and even Fortnite. But what is skill-based matchmaking, why does it exist, what are the alternatives, and why did it become so prevalent ...
  4. The Last of Us Part 2 Review -- The Case for Social Distancing

    As society came to a screeching halt back in March, and many of us suddenly had an unexpected surplus of free time on our hands, I found myself revisiting the 2013 masterpiece, The Last of Us. The Last of Us was set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a global pandemic. The game followed Joel and Ellie, two survivors who set out to travel across the United States. Developed by Naughty Dog, it was an intense ...
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