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  1. BG Stats for April 2019

  2. On Getting Good

    Stop me know if you’ve heard this one: FromSoftware puts out a new, highly anticipated game. Like many of their recent games, this is an incredibly challenging and punishing game. While there are many who enjoy the game, there are others who find the game too challenging which inspires a string of opinions and articles that argue that games should have an easy mode (and the expected string of counter-opinions and ...
  3. BG Stats for March 2019

  4. "Its been 30 hours, you need to leave"

    Okay, so continuation on the story from before.

    It was June of 2018. The wife was doing alot better than she has been for the last two years. She's gaining weight, she has energy. I feel good. Everything was coming up Milhouse.

    Since we were doing so good and happy, we decided to visit our local county fair. Its nothing special, your typical fair ground type stuff. Rides, food, weird shows, weird vendors, the norm. We had a great day. My only complaint about going every ...
  5. BG Stats for February 2019

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