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  1. Resident Evil 6 Review

    Do you remember your first survival horror game? For me it was Resident Evil. I remember being introduced to the original Resident Evil on the PlayStation and soon after, picking up its remake on the Gamecube. One of my strongest memories from my original playthrough came late one summer night with a friend. We were working our way through the caves underneath the Raccoon City Mansion, weary of ...
  2. BG Stats for August 2013

  3. BG Stats for July 2013

  4. The Last of Us Review

    What would you do if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow? Would you hunker down in your house with a stockpile of weapons and food? Would you make a mad dash for the Arctic? Would you fight back against the zombies and look for a cure? The Last of Us is a game that takes the typical Zombie cliché and instead of asking what you would do, asks what would you do to survive. It might not seem ...
  5. BG Stats for June 2013

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