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  1. Zetanio -
    Zetanio's Avatar
    You think I'd let an opportunity like this roll by?
  2. Sho -
    Sho's Avatar
    When I read the fishing question, I was like "fucking Zetanio" IRL.
  3. Sonomaa -
    Sonomaa's Avatar
    Interview updated with more cupcakes and corgis
  4. Zetanio -
    Zetanio's Avatar
    I am disappoint with the fishing answer.
  5. Sagacyte -
    Sagacyte's Avatar
    We really need a "tweet this" button XD
  6. Eldelphia -
    Eldelphia's Avatar
    [2.0] Exploratory Voyages have been adjusted as follows: More shit to gain, more exp for your ship people. A whole bunch of other stuff that doesnt matter except for that one guy who REALLY REALLY likes the airships. He is the reason you have 4 of them at max level. Stop bitching when he begs for eight hours for three people to come complete the ships.
    LMAO, that's so me.
  7. Zetanio -
    Zetanio's Avatar
    OMG scrubs gtfo.
  8. avelle -
    avelle's Avatar
    If there was a like button I would press it, repeatedly.
  9. Sonomaa -
    Sonomaa's Avatar
    And if you really dont want to do dungeons with new people then find a group of people and do it exclusively with them :3
  10. Cairthenn -
    Cairthenn's Avatar
    If you can't not be that person, follow in my footsteps and just leave the dungeon and spare everyone the trouble.
  11. Shuichi -
    Shuichi's Avatar
    Well said Sono! Well said!
  12. Aerides -
    Aerides's Avatar
    Well said Sono. It's pretty simple to me:

    New players = SE continues to invest in the game, Eorzea forever

    No New players = Earlier death of Eorzea than any of us want

    Act accordingly
  13. Celestialstrife -
    Celestialstrife's Avatar
    Well said!
  14. bunz -
    bunz's Avatar
  15. Weltall -
    Weltall's Avatar
    Regarding the "Most Beautiful Miqo'te" contest, I still won
  16. Toxictaru -
    Toxictaru's Avatar
  17. Skai -
    Skai's Avatar
    Been focusing on school a lot lately. Between full time work and part time school, ain't got much time, though only enough to browse around.
  18. XalienLevi -
    XalienLevi's Avatar
    Thanks for these videos. No obnoxious music playing lol. Clear and concise call out of abilites etc.Directing my free company mates to this!
  19. Weltall -
    Weltall's Avatar
    Skai...where the hell have you been!?
  20. Lucavi -
    Lucavi's Avatar
    Lucky fuckers hogging my Lola. <3
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