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  1. Zetanio Loves League: World Championships 2015

    Yes folks!


    It's Worlds' season again for League of Legends.


    This blog now assumes you've read the beginner's guides I linked in my previous blog post here.

    If you haven't, go ahead and read that first.

    Done? Good

    http://riot-web-cdn.s3-us-west-1.ama...?itok=4bvqKTQh ...
  2. NEW BLOG: Zetanio Goes to Blogging

    League of Legends: Fostering Understanding, Cohesive Knowledge, and Youthful Offense. Ugh.


    Hello sports fans, your pal Zet here. This is going to be a weekly(ish) blog about League of Legends. I’m going to try various formats and topics until I find something that you guys actually like.

    First to basics.

    What the fuck is League of Legends?

    It’s this game. ...