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  1. Trigun -
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    #7 is that the new Mog House/Farm?
  2. Seanr -
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    <3 for Wayne Brady reference
  3. Carth -
    Carth's Avatar
    A new expansion might be what brings me back.
  4. Spira -
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    im beginning to have second thoughts about where I think these places might be. people seem to be building a very convincing argument for the far west.. so i think i'm going with that now lol
  5. 6souls -
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    I really thought based off of the armors from Voidwatch that we'd be exploring either the Far West or East, but I guess there is a enough lingering storyline/lore from CoP/ToAU/WotG to bring about a Far South expansion.
  6. mistmonster -
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    Wow! just when I said the only thing that would make me come back is a new expansion.
  7. vagus -
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    Love the article and images!
  8. Sonomaa -
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    I hate the fact that this is making me want to play the game again.
  9. Celeste -
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    This looks absolutely marvelous! Thanks for sharing. ^^
  10. darkepyon -
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    Great read. I'd have to agree on it being the mithra homeland. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Salodin -
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    Love it! Thanks so much for sharing this.
  12. Funkworkz -
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    Love your article, i am really hoping its an expansion!
  13. Spira -
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    ive been meaning to put out another blog entry for a very long time.
    i had one from like 6 months back but didnt have time to source for pics (it was a fashion article)

    that said im suprised i havent been hounded for this yet. hopefully ill post something soon
  14. Exael -
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    So it has been almost a year since you posted this. Wondering what your feelings are on the current state of the game? Maybe time for a new blog post?
  15. Spira -
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    Heh.. tbh when I first wrote about this it was meant to be more of a nostalgic take than a very technical one, but you're both right...
    A new test server may do away with the current 3+ month explosive drop on VU day, but bring forth a different kind of 'omg we can test new shit' anticipation. However, I still believe version updates aren't gonna be the same mainly because with shorter 'build-ups' you won't get that kind of anticipation, and with each update usually bringing something specific (and expected), you might just pass on it if it doesn't interest you.

    Even now, the update teasing style has changed and people still aren't used to it (eg. where is my friday update notes? Its so close to VU day and its been a week since the last piece of news!).. but I'd like to believe the element of surprise/uncertainty from big VUs like this is still something that all of us kinda enjoy.
  16. Sho -
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    Man I won't even lie, I'd overnight camp version update notes, then stay up in the morning to data mine, haha. Good times as usual.

    Times do change however, maybe this new server being opened up will relive some of the excitement of new things to come.
  17. Hyan -
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    I'm not nearly as concerned about the more regular updating as I am about the introduction of test servers and how that will affect the process.

    Surely, test servers will make the community more involved in the development process, likely making the actual content better suited and received for the playerbase. But what will happen to the anticipation of new content when we have known about it possibly months beforehand? Are we going to end up in a situation where we anticipate content being implemented to the test servers rather than the main game? Are the updates going to be nearly as exciting when they have been already discussed and figured out by the community long before the implementation?

    However, this depends on SE's approach as well. Do they want us to test everything, or are they going to be strict about what goes on in the test servers and what is left for the update itself? I doubt we'd see anything like the story content in the test servers, as the Q&A team should be able to handle that and it'd be spoiling us. What exactly would they want us to test?

    Good post, btw. It's an interesting subject, especially now.