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  1. Final Fantasy XI: The Mystery of ROM9

    For those familiar with data mining FFXI, the existence of the folder "ROM9" has sparked speculation as to what its contents mean.

    The reason for this is because ROM folders are usually used to house files from different expansions separately.
    Chain of Promathia occupies ROM3, Treasure of Aht Urhgan in ROM4, and so on. The previous folder ROM8, was used for the add-on A Shantotto's Ascension. (all Abyssea data is stored in the main ROM folder).

    ROM9 ...

    Updated 2012-06-22 at 00:56 by Spira

  2. Who are you and what have to done to my development team?

    So the May version update has passed - the first major version update in 5 months, heralding its veritably vast myriad slew of additions and adjustments, or so the dev team says.

    Now, I'm sure we've all heard this somewhere before, and we've seen how its turned out for so many years...
    It used to be that our biggest complaints as the playerbase would remain largely ignored by the development team, only to be responded with vague answers such as 'we'll look into it' and 'sorry, ...
  3. The Hallowed Version Update

    Ever felt like a sucker for buying into the hype of a version update for a 9 year old game? I have. And it’s something that has me at the edge of my seat every single time the version update comes by.

    If you’re like me, then here’s a question, have you ever asked yourself why this is so?

    For me, I think it’s the anticipation of what might happen ...