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  1. Cantih's Kickstarter Coverage, vol. 7 - Damned if I know what to call this one

    THE PROJECTS RETURN! You are saved from a treatise on P&P RPGs.

    Dreamfall Chapters - ends March 10th - @ $650k (76%)

    This is a point and click adventure that continues the story of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. (Also, despite the name and the habits of the industry, it's not episodic, it's a full game.)

    I'm telling you about it because this is a great series, and not only should you support the kickstarter to get more of it, you should go and play

    Updated 2013-02-11 at 20:26 by Cantih

  2. Cantih's Kickstarter Coverage, vol. 6 - Fallow

    So we have our first week with no new kickstarter projects. There just weren't enough worthwhile to put together a post. Sorry, that's just how it goes sometimes. As such, we'll be diving into Steam Greenlight this week. But first, updates on the older projects.


    Hegemonic - FINAL DAY Only hours left - @ $81k (270%) [+$28k]
    The funds are still ticking in, they just blew past the KS only signed foil box goal, and the wooden bits for all games are now replaced by ...