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  1. Cantih's Kickstarter Coverage, vol. 7 - Damned if I know what to call this one

    THE PROJECTS RETURN! You are saved from a treatise on P&P RPGs.

    Dreamfall Chapters - ends March 10th - @ $650k (76%)

    This is a point and click adventure that continues the story of The Longest Journey and Dreamfall. (Also, despite the name and the habits of the industry, it's not episodic, it's a full game.)

    I'm telling you about it because this is a great series, and not only should you support the kickstarter to get more of it, you should go and play

    Updated 2013-02-11 at 21:26 by Cantih

  2. Cantih's Kickstarter Coverage, vol. 6 - Fallow

    So we have our first week with no new kickstarter projects. There just weren't enough worthwhile to put together a post. Sorry, that's just how it goes sometimes. As such, we'll be diving into Steam Greenlight this week. But first, updates on the older projects.


    Hegemonic - FINAL DAY Only hours left - @ $81k (270%) [+$28k]
    The funds are still ticking in, they just blew past the KS only signed foil box goal, and the wooden bits for all games are now replaced by ...
  3. Cantih's Kickstarter Coverage, vol. 5 - Pretty Damn Pretty

    Welcome back to another week of projects.

    Roam - ends February 24 - @ $5k (12%)

    This is a multi-genre game, but at it's heart it's a Diablo-like action RPG. Just with zombies. And base construction.

    I'm telling you about it because while zombies may be everywhere, and this has a little bit of Dead State's sauce, the gameplay is different enough to be worthwhile. If you want that kind of game, but in a Diablo instead of X-com style, IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY! Also,

    Updated 2013-01-28 at 10:20 by Cantih

  4. Cantih's Kickstarter Coverage, vol. 4 - MANLINESS! CONQUEST! (and a bit of pants-shitting terror)

    Just video games this week, though one of them is still a board game. (YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE THEM!)

    Wildman - ends February 15th - @ $281k (25%)

    This is a hybrid ARPG/RTS by Gas Powered Games (creators of Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander, Demigod. And the successor to Cavedog, creator of Total Annihilation). Think of it like Brütal Legend, but pull out the God of War half and replace it with Diablo. Lacking Double Fine's writing, but done by a company that has solid experience

    Updated 2013-01-21 at 18:58 by Cantih

  5. Cantih's Kickstarter Coverage, vol. 3 - East, West, Past, & Future

    New week, new projects for you all.

    Akaneiro: Demon Hunters - ends February 2nd - @ $68k (34%)
    This is a Diablo-like free to play game from American McGee's studio. Eastern in aesthetic style, though probably not quite as twisted as usual for McGee. As for the gameplay, well, hell, the beta is open now, so go have a look for yourself.

    I'm telling you about it because it does deserve mentioning. I held off a week because of the controversy over the nearly launching
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