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  1. "Its been 30 hours, you need to leave"

    Okay, so continuation on the story from before.

    It was June of 2018. The wife was doing alot better than she has been for the last two years. She's gaining weight, she has energy. I feel good. Everything was coming up Milhouse.

    Since we were doing so good and happy, we decided to visit our local county fair. Its nothing special, your typical fair ground type stuff. Rides, food, weird shows, weird vendors, the norm. We had a great day. My only complaint about going every ...
  2. 2 years of hell, the beginning.

    Okay, so, this blog will be about my recent journey battling Cancer but I want to do a bit of back story for how me and my wives lives were before it went to complete shit.

    First, we will start with my wife. She's currently 34 years old and has been dealing with Crohns since she was 18 years old. She's had a total of 5 Crohns related surgeries and for the last 10 or so years, shes been dealing with Fistulas. For those that don't know. a Fistula, from the way I was explained, is you ...