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BG Newsletter #11

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BG Member Of The Week: Waraji

Q. How long have you been a part of BG?
A. I've been on BG since about 2006 but finally started posted in 2008.

Q. What is your favorite video game and why is it your favorite?
A. Like most of you, I never have One favorite game, but there are games I keep going back time and time again. I'm mostly an RPG player, so I've done several of playthroughs of Final Fantasy X, Seiken Densetsu 3, and Fallout 3.

Q. Let's face it, while BG is a lot of things, it is pretty well known for Final Fantasy. Do you have a favorite Final Fantasy character?
A. I grew up with the later FF's starting on PS1. Main Character: Squall Leonhart. Side Character: Vivi Ornitier. NPC: Dwarfs of Conde Petite FFIX

Q. What's something you find interesting about yourself?
A. Couldn't tell you even if I tried. I don't tend to hyper analyse myself.

Q. What is your favorite dish for Thanksgiving or if you don't celebrate that--what's your favorite food to eat?
A. Definitely Mashed Taters.

Weekly Trivia Question 1: What was Veteran's Day originally called and who was it meant to originally honor?
Weekly Trivia Question 2: Including X/Y pokemon to this number, how many pokemon are there?

Scroll to the bottom of the newsletter for the trivia answer.

Major Game Releases Arriving Next Week:

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Release Date: 11/21/2014
Wii U

Mina: It being a first party Nintendo title I have no doubt the polish on this game will be fantastic. I picture this game being one of those final reasons why people are getting a WiiU. Well maybe another Zelda title would finish this off but you get the idea.
Sonomaa: Smash is one of the reasons I bought my Wii. It will likely be the reason I buy the WiiU. Curse you Nintendo, for finding the spots to sink your blade into.
(BGer of the Week) Waraji: Haven't played a Smash Bro's game since the N64, of which I recall having fun playing Star Fox and back flip kicking the shit out of everyone out of the arena.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire / Omega Ruby
Release Date: 11/21/2014

Mina: The decision to buy this game is reaaaaal simple. Either you've played a pokemon game in your life or you haven't. Basically if you own a 3DS and have never played a Pokemon game, I would just say give it a shot. If you have played one and don't like them... you probably won't like the new one. And if you dig the pokemon games in the past, you'll probably already be buying this. It's a pokemon game and if we think anything is going to change drastically about the formula we're only being delusional. Looks definitely solid and I'm already down for at least one copy.
Sonomaa:MY POKEMANS, LET ME SHOW YOU!. But seriously, Ill get a third of the way through, get busy with something, and not get a chance to beat it, just like every pokeman game ever. I love them, but I need more time in the week to be able to enjoy them completely.
(BGer of the Week) Waraji: If you're still into Pokemon, and you can actually keep track of how many new pokemon beyond the original 150+1, then go for it. In my opinion it's turned into such a cluster fuck after Silver/Gold, really liked the Night Cycle system that introduced.

Far Cry 4
Release Date: 11/18/2014
PS3, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360

Mina: I've never played any of the Far Cry games and to be honest, probably not this one either. Combine that with the lack of enthusiasm for an Ubisoft game at the moment. Game looks good but I'd wait until I see enough from reviews before I sink any amount of money into an Ubisoft game from now on.
Sonomaa:I was semi interested in Far Cry 3 and then that feeling went away, after watching the trailer for 4 it looks exactly the same but with a similar insane guy in charge. No idea if itll actually be better or worse but I heard the internet very excited about WAR ELEPHANTS so maybe Ill check out a lets play of it.
(BGer of the Week) Waraji: Never played any Far Cry game before, and just recently purchased a new video card that brought a voucher for a free game. Suffice to say will be choosing this game, quite excited.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Release Date: 11/18/2014
PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Mina: Another one of those, once bitten--twice shy series/companies. I have an extremely low opinion on this series thanks to the missteps for Dragon Age 2. You won't see me purchasing this game for a while. Reviews and immediate opinions from those who love this series are coming out but I'll wait until at least 3 months down the line for people to explain if this game is actually worth my investment into this game.
Sonomaa:Ive heard so much about DA3 I feel like Ive pre-played the game already. Between some friends casually excited about it and one friend so OBNOXIOUSLY EXCITED about it Ill never hear the end of it after she crawls out of her cave a month later having grown a full beard asking what year it is. Ill pick it up on an origin sale in about 3 years and wish it could be on steam. I will say that it looks beautiful, please dont fuck it up EA.
(BGer of the Week) Waraji: Recently got Origins free on... Origin. Played the first Dragon Age, didn't get far into it, kinda felt it was lacking something. Probably will leave this series for the distant future.

Random Comic:
It's so easy to find related articles when a nintendo product is coming out... Anyways this week's random comic is VG Cats. Which has been around since... I guess since webcomics and games were a thing! Well not really but it's definitely one of the oldest webcomics out there that has stuck around (2003). Usually pokes fun at games launching that week or retreads games that have been out for awhile. The artist's ability and style have definitely developed over the years looking back at the older comics.

Threads of Interest:

A new movie came out from Christopher Nolan called Interstellar. Lots of people really happy with it (spoiler alert)

Doctor Who just finished another season, discussion is rampant of the ending and the new Doctor. (also spoilers)

Warlords of Draenor launched. Are you waiting in line to join the servers too?

Lost Ark is like a Diabloesque game that look obnoxiously good.

Video of the Week:

Thanks to Cantih for originally finding this:
& Rulke:

Weekly Trivia Answer:
Spoiler: show
1. Armistice Day. It was meant to honor the nation's World War I veterans.
2. 719 Pokemon


  1. SephYuyX -
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    Shit, forgot about vgcats.
  2. Sepukku -
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    Enjoyed this weeks post, even knew the trivia. Definitely a HUGE week for nintendo, a wiiU may be on my horizon