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BG Newsletter #12

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BG Member Of The Week: TummieGaruda

Q. How long have you been a part of BG?
A. Joined September of 2008

Q. What is your favorite video game and why is it your favorite?
A. This is a difficult answer, but I will have to say Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I was in High School when the game came out and I remember staying up late on school nights with my cousin playing the game without any walkthroughs. I enjoyed the story line and the music so much that every so often I go back and replay it from start to finish.

Q. Let's face it, while BG is a lot of things, it is pretty well known for Final Fantasy. Do you have a favorite Final Fantasy character?
A. Even though I've played every Final Fantasy games from 7 onward, I am more attached to 11 since I've been playing since 2004, so I would have to go with Ajido-Marujido.

Q. What's something you find interesting about yourself?
A. I love Astronomy and enjoy showing my friends and family the views of the sky through my telescope.

Q. What is your favorite dish for Thanksgiving or if you don't celebrate that--what's your favorite food to eat?
A. Peach Cobbler!

Damn. I want some peach cobbler now.

Weekly Trivia Question 1: Most people know that the American Thanksgiving tradition started in 1863. But when was the first Macy's day parade?
Weekly Trivia Question 2: In the Phoenix Wright series, one of the characters was originally supposed to be a different gender. Who and why was this changed?

Scroll to the bottom of the newsletter for the trivia answer.

Major Game Releases Arriving Next Week:

Not a lot of games wanted to release on turkey durkey week and probably scared off by the Pokemon/Brawl/WoW explosion for this month.

Persona Q
Release Date: 11/25/2014

Of course we have a thread going for this game!:

Mina: The most perfect harmony of the Etrian and Persona series into what I can only describe as the best from both worlds. This game is definitely not for everyone. I don't think it's for all Etrian players and definitely not for all Persona players. But for the populace of people that this game does apply to... god fucking speed. May your FOEs quake in fear of you and may your waifu be Rise.
Sonomaa: Ill be watching Mina do a lets play on this and very likely picking it up later to enjoy. The Persona series has grown on me a lot and I enjoy it, its just one of those things I need to find more time to play properly.
(BGer of the Week) TummieGaruda: The character design reminds me a bit of Soul Eater and the game has some nice visuals, however I don't particularly like the fact that the dungeon crawl is in first person view where you can't see the characters move around. The battle system is somewhat the same way where other members of your team pop into the frame for a brief moment to perform an attack.

Random Comic:
This comic has extreme promise. It's a story driven comic that seems to be recruiting a cast of--well... I don't want to spoil it. It has a lot of charm and you can tell the writing is going to go places. Without going into spoiler territory, Oscar here has started renting a house from an ad he saw in Craig's list. From there, he finds out what sort of a house he's really paying for. Perhaps a haunted one. I look forward to seeing this one updated. Check out Wilde Life!

Video of the Week:

Thanks to Rulke for originally finding this:
Man... This dad gets a Dad of the Year award for sure. Heart goes out to that family.

Weekly Trivia Answer:
Spoiler: show
1. 1924
2. Dee Vasquez, she was originally supposed to be a male character but the devs realized that...
Spoiler: show
too many killers were turning out to be male.


  1. Xerlic -
    Xerlic's Avatar
    For the Phoenix Wright question, that's from the first Steel Samurai case, right? I played the shit out of those games, and never knew that.
  2. Mina -
    Mina's Avatar
    Yes it is! One of the designers pointed out to the team and they changed the gender because well... It was true haha.
  3. Zetanio -
    Zetanio's Avatar
    I still haven't been interviewed yet. BG is being held back by this.